Must see attractions in Abidjan

  • Sights in Abidjan

    Hôtel Ivoire

    Every middle-class Abidjani holds a dear memory of Hôtel Ivoire. Built in 1963 by Israeli architect Moshe Mayer, it was the place in town to go ice skating and see a movie (the cinema still stands, though the ice rink, unfortunately, does not). Even if you don't stay here, it's worth visiting this hotel for its unique retro African decor.

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    Galerie Cécile Fakhoury

    An absolute trove of African contemporary art, this cubical, 600-sq-metre gallery features the best of the continent's artists, from sculpture and painting to photography. Check the website for individual exhibitions or just explore what's on at the time. A real gem of a place.

  • Sights in Abidjan

    La Pyramide

    Some of the buildings of Le Plateau are as breathtaking up close as from a distance. La Pyramide, designed by the Italian architect Rinaldo Olivieri and built between 1970 and 1973, was the first daring structure and is considered a highlight of African modernism in architecture. A concrete pyramid striped horizontally with balconies, it rests upon a gigantic cubic pillar, lifting itself over the city's skyline.

  • Sights in Abidjan

    Parc du Banco

    On the northwest edge of town is the cool and shaded Parc du Banco rainforest reserve. It has pleasant walking trails, majestic trees and a lake, but you'll be lucky to see any wildlife. Rangers are also on hand to give you a guided tour (CFA3000).

  • Sights in Abidjan

    Cathedrale St Paul

    Designed by Italian architect Aldo Spiritom, the Cathedrale St Paul is a bold and innovative modern cathedral. The stained glass is as warm and rich as that inside the Yamoussoukro basilica.

  • Sights in Abidjan

    Marché de Cocody

    The super lively Marché de Cocody is a labyrinth of stalls that offer every type of souvenir you can possibly imagine, including wooden sculptures and dishes, antiques, jewellery and traditional decorations. Bargain hard.

  • Sights in Abidjan

    Musée National

    The national museum houses a dusty but interesting collection of traditional art and craftwork, including wooden statues and masks, pottery, ivory and bronze.