Parque Nacional Radal Siete Tazas

Middle Chile

The upper basin of the Río Claro marks the beginning of the ecological transition between drought-tolerant Mediterranean vegetation to the north and moist evergreen forests to the south. Here, 78km southeast of Curicó along a narrow gravel road, lies the Reserva Nacional Radal Siete Tazas.

Conaf's main post is at the Parque Inglés sector, 11km beyond the park entrance at Radal, but there are two interesting stop-offs between the two points. The Velo de la Novia (literally, 'the bridal veil') is a 50m waterfall which you can see from a small roadside viewing point 2.6km from Radal. Another 4.4km on is the car park and Conaf ranger hut that mark the access point for the 400m trail to the Siete Tazas (literally, 'seven cups'), a breathtaking series of seven waterfalls and pools carved out of black basalt rock by the Río Claro. From here, another short trail leads to a viewpoint for the Salto la Leona, a waterfall that drops more than 50m from a narrow gorge to the main channel of the Río Claro.

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