Wascana Centre


The geographic and cultural center of Regina, this sprawling public nature haven has miles of lakeside walking trails and is home to the Royal Saskatchewan Museum, Saskatchewan War Memorial and Saskatchewan Science Centre. Public events and celebrations are held by Wascana Lake's clear waters, which mirror such vistas as the stunning Provincial Legislature building and the Spruce Island bird sanctuary. Park residents include mink, hare, beavers and countless geese.

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Nearby Regina attractions

1. Provincial Legislature

0.39 MILES

Escaping significant damage from the devastating tornado in its year of completion (1912), the arresting 'Leg,' nestled in Wascana Centre's leafy embrace,…

2. Saskatchewan Science Centre

0.54 MILES

Science class was never this much fun! Try your hand at scoring a goal against a virtual goalkeeper, blow bubbles the size of a car or discover the secret…

3. MacKenzie Art Gallery

0.66 MILES

This gallery features a permanent outdoor sculpture garden, grazed by Joe Fafard's famed bronzed cows, and keeps things fresh with rotating and special…

4. Royal Saskatchewan Museum

0.71 MILES

The Royal provides a great insight into the people and geography that make up Saskatchewan. Galleries focus on earth and life sciences and indigenous…

6. RCMP Heritage Centre

3.07 MILES

Exhibits chart the past, present and future of the iconic Canadian Mounties (you even get to dress up like one). This is also part of the Royal Canadian…