Mississagi Provincial Park

Park in Elliot Lake

Mississagi Provincial Park, 35km north of Elliot Lake, is a secluded expanse of hemlock forests, sandy beaches, trembling aspens and chirping birds. Hiking trails range from 0.8km along Flack Lake – revealing ripple rock, a geological feature formed by a billion years of wave action – to the multiday MacKenzie (22km) through the back country. Canoes can also be rented.

Mississagi is quiet and undeveloped: none of the campsites have electricity, and the limited facilities (the gatehouse and toilets), located just off Hwy 639 between Jim Christ and Semiwite Lakes, are solar-powered. There are also toilets and a picnic area at Flack Lake. Reserve your camping spot with Ontario Parks (www.ontarioparks.com).