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Nature lovers also come to Burgas for the four lakes just outside the city, which are havens for abundant bird life. You can bird-watch, kayak or take an impromptu plunge into a salt pool.

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$18.62 Kid Friendly

Action Aqua Park Entrance Ticket

Over an area of 36 000 m2 there are 30 water attractions, thematic bars and restaurants and all this surrounded by tropical palm trees and Mediterranean shrubs, wooden bridges over the 330 feet long Lazy River, geysers and fountains, beautiful areas for sunbathing, walking and relaxation.Sunbathe near the themed pools, taste the fresh and delicious food, get your cocktail at a bar of choice, visit the Ice Cream House. Action Aquapark offers you not just a plethora of water attractions, but shared moments and emotions.What you will see: • The one the only Uphill Water Coaster – twice up the water and twice down the water • The fastest slide Free Fall, which invites you to slide with almost 70 km/h • The steepest and 18 meters high Kamikadze • The dynamic Niagara • The 150 meters long and covered slide Black Hole • The big Wave Pool • The exciting Turbolence • The H2O Adventure Island, a unique multi storey KIDS attraction, featuring eight slides, geysers, fountains, waterfalls, tunnels to crawl and rope bridges • You will find every type of slide • Body Slides • Speed Slides • Kids' Slides • Tube Slides • Multi-Lane Slides • Lazy River • Feature Slides

$83.15 Cruises, Sailing & Water Tours

Nessebar Port to Saint Anastasia Island Catamaran Cruise

The free bus will take you directly to Nessebar Harbor.09:00 After boarding we will inform you about the program and safety rules. You will be welcomed with drinks and after that everything is set for an exciting sailing trip, during which you can relax without any worries. You can just have fun – the bar is open and tea, coffee, beer, soft drinks, croissants, cookies and crackers will be served. The music is on and our crew will boost your mood!Have fun and enjoy the pleasure of being our special guests on board of the newest catamaran in the region.At around 11:00 you will moor at the island St. Anastasia. Once, a place of exile, today he is transformed beyond recognition in attractive and pleasant place for relax. The former prison is transformed into a hotel, the chapel is restored also. You can enjoy the small island beach.Back to the catamaran, you can swim or if you wont you can continue with the sunbathing. Meanwhile the lunch is served. It is time also for new soft drinks.We weigh anchor and sail back, while you are enjoying the panorama of the coast.16:00 Moor at Nessebar Harbor. We will take you back to your bus stop.The price includes: transfer, sailing, visit the island, bathing, lunch and drinksAll inclusive drinks are tea, coffee, mineral water, soft drinks, white wine, beer and sparkling wineMenu:Cookies, crackers, croissantsSalads:Grilled vegetables: marrows, aubergines, mushrooms, onions, lettuce, carrots, tomatoes, cabbage, cucumbers, green onionsSnacks:Flat sausage (lukanka), larded sausage, salamiYellow cheese, cottage cheeseMain:Fish,Chicken breasts,Bread rolls (white, brown)

$26.56 Day Trips & Excursions

Nessebar Old Town Walking Tour

Meet your guide in Nessebar’s old town for a 3-hour walking tour. Soak in the fascinating mix of cultures that have shaped Nessebar, from the Greeks and Romans to the Slavs and Byzantines to the medieval Bulgarians.Visit many of the town’s churches, including St. Stefan, St. Ioan Aliturgetos, Christ Pantocrator, and the un-vaulted basilica of St. Sophia. Admire the beautiful facades and impressive interiors, often painted with striking murals.Discover the town’s maze of narrow and winding cobblestone streets. Stroll past gracefultwo-story timbered houses adorned with bright flowers. Walk by colorful cafes, restaurants, and charming art and crafts shops in the downtown and waterfront areas.At the conclusion of your tour, you’ll have a deeper understanding of the history and life of Nessebar.

$68.14 Day Trips & Excursions

Strandzha Mountains Safari Adventure and Boat Tour

This is how your day will look like:08.30 Departure from Sunny Beach Direct transport to and from the hotel you are staying in with comfortable SUVs10.15A visit to the megalithic Thracian sanctuary Beglik Tash from 14th c. B.C., which is situated in the environs of the Ropotamo Reserve. It features the Ranuli sanctuary, a circle of enormous stones situated on a rocky surface in the midst of a meadow. The ancients deified the area, sacrificed gifts and turned it into a peculiar temple.12.15A look around the pretty Strandzha village of Brodilovo, still keeping its authentic atmosphere of the past. Brodilovo is located within the boundaries of Strandzha Nature Park, at the foot of the Golyama Papiya volcano massif. It is situated on the left bank of the Veleka River.In Brodilovo you have the opportunity to feel the unique idyll of the Strandzha Mountains, to enjoy the traditional Strandzha cuisine with home-made dishes from bio-products, to try the genuine and unmatched taste of nature, to rediscover the mystery of the Strandzha Mountains! In Brodilovo, you may: • Visit the St. Panataleon Church, which is a monument of culture; • Visit a typical Strandzha house with a vegetable garden and domestic animals; • Enjoy traditional Strandzha specialties, home-grown fruit and vegetables; • Experience an unforgettable off-road ride in the Strandzha.15.30A Ropotamo River boat trip observing rare plant and animal species.The banks of the Ropotamo River are very picturesque. The magnificent dense forest with its lush vegetation and lianas and the beautiful water lilies add to the exotic atmosphere of a tropical jungle. Above the reserve’s territory passes Via Pontica, the way of migratory birds, which is the reason for the presence of various species of geese, ducks, snipes, and cormorants. 17.30 back to your hotel

$125.88 Outdoor Activities

Birds, nature and wine tour from Nessebar or Bourgas

This tour starts from the city of Bourgas, or we can pick you up anywhere between Bourgas and the historical town of Nessebar.First we drive to the oak forests the Eastern Balkan Range, where we explore for different forest birds, such as the Grey-headed Woodpecker, Middle Spotted Woodpecker, Black Woodpecker, Semi-collared Flycatcher, Black Stork, Lesser Spotted Eagle, Booted Eagle, Short-toed Eagle and other migrating raptors, storks and passerines. While in the area, we visit a mountain village, where the traditional way of life is kept unchanged in the last two centuries, feel the local spirit and taste delicious local dishes and wines.Then we drive south to the town of Pomorie (if you are based in Nessebar) and the city of Bourgas. On the way we visit the antique beehive tomb situated to the west of Pomorie. The tomb dates back to the 2nd – 3rd century AD. It has served as a heroon (a mausoleum) of a rich Anhialo family, in which religious pagan rituals had been performed. The tomb is the only one of its kind on the Bulgarian Peninsula.Both Pomorie and Bourgas are lying at the centre of of extensive wetlands that form one of Europe’s richest bird areas.The biggest attraction of these wetlands are the huge flocks of migrating White and Dalmatian Pelicans stopping and staying there in spring. Traditional saltpans are still preserved at the shallow lagoons of Atanasovsko and Pomorie lakes. They are of major importance for a great number of birds, including the Pied Avocet, Black-winged Stilt, Marsh Sandpiper, Kentish Plover, Slender-billed Gull, Mediterranean Gull, Little Gull, Gull-billed Tern and many other waterfowl and wader species.Other birds we can expect to see on this trip: Glossy Ibis, Eurasian Spoonbill, Pygmy Cormorant, Squacco Heron, Black-crowned Night Heron, Purple Heron, Grear Reed Warbler, Eurasian Penduline Tit and many, many others.

$102.79 Day Trips & Excursions

One-day Birding Along the Southern Bulgarian Black Sea Coast

The tour starts at 7 a.m. from Burgas or any of the nearby resorts.On this tour we will explore the lakes around the city of Bourgas: it is a complex of extensive wetlands that form one of Europe’s richest bird areas. The greatest lure of the Bourgas wetlands are the huge flocks of resident White and Dalmatian Pelicans. At the shallow saline lagoons of Atanasovsko and Pomorie lakes traditional saltpans are still functioning. They are of major importance for a big number of birds, including the Black-winged Stilt, Broad-billed Sandpiper, Curlew Sandpipers, Marsh Sandpiper, Kentish Plover, Slender-billed Gull, Mediterranean Gulls, Little Gull, Gull-billed Tern, Sandwich Terns and Little Tern.During migration the numbers of soaring birds following the Black Sea coastal flyway in autumn can rival  those at the Bosphorus or the Gibraltar – endless flocks of thousands of White Storks, Lesser Spotted Eagles, Common Buzzards (both ssp. buteo and ssp. vulpinus) and European Honey Buzzards and incredible numbers of Black Storks, White Pelicans, Ospreys, Booted Eagles, Short-toed  Eagles, Black Kites, Red-footed Falcons, Western Marsh Harriers, Montagu’s Harriers, Pallid Harriers, Levant Sparrowhawks, etc. pass overhead.For lunch we will stop at a traditional restaurant serving delicious Bulgarian dishes and good local wines. Best time to take this tour: April - October