Kaliakra Nature Reserve

Black Sea Coast

This 687-hectare reserve covers nearly the whole of Kaliakra Cape, a 2km-long headland that juts into the Black Sea 13km southeast of Kavarna. Visitors come to bird-watch (the period from August to October is fruitful for spotting migratory birds), take in the views, and see ruins testifying to human habitation stretching back thousands of years. These include the remains of an 8th-century citadel. The history is explained in detail at a small Archaeological Museum, wonderfully located inside a cave.

Kaliakra Cape is best visited by car from Kavarna, following the signs to Bâlgarevo village. Alternatively, buses run between Kavarna and Bâlgarevo, from where the cape is a 4km walk along the main road. There's a small visitor centre in Bâlgarevo, with interactive exhibits (in English) on the cape's flora and fauna.