Igreja São Benedito

The 18th-century Igreja de São Benedito was built specifically for the town’s slaves in honor of Benedict the Moor, the patron saint of slaves.

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1. Igreja de NS do Rosário

0.14 MILES

The oldest of the city’s colonial churches is Igreja de NS do Rosário, parts of which date to 1578.

2. Museu de Arqueologia e Etnologia

0.23 MILES

Housed in an 18th-century Jesuit college, this surprisingly great museum displays indigenous artifacts, primitive and folk art, and old tools and machines.

4. Fortaleza de NS dos Prazeres

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5. Grutas das Encantadas

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6. Farol das Conchas

13.78 MILES

Built in 1872 on orders from Dom Pedro II, this lighthouse stands picturesquely atop a hill at the island’s most easterly point. From here you have…

7. Parque Estadual Pico do Marumbi

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Besides the quaint colonial center, the biggest attraction in Morretes is the Parque Estadual Pico do Marumbi, a paradise for rock climbers and nature…