Parque Nacional Marinho de Fernando de Noronha

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Covering around 70% of the main island and all the surrounding sea, Parque Nacional Marinho de Fernando de Noronha contains most of the archipelago's must-see sights including its three best beaches and all of the secondary islands. Entry to the park is valid for 10 days and the fee can be paid in cash (R$, US$ or euros) or by credit card at a kiosk in Vila dos Remédios, the Centro de Visitantes or at PIC Golfinho-Sancho and PIC Sueste.

Take your passport when you go to pay. A third PIC has been in the works at Praia do Leão for ages, though it remains stuck in bureaucratic limbo. It is also usually possible to buy the card with cash reais at the port from about 7am to 9am, if you are going diving or on a boat tour.

For up to 10 days the charge is R$97 for Brazilians and R$195 for foreigners; you get a plastic card with a barcode on to prove you've paid. Visitors need to present the card at control points at the most popular trailheads.

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