Parque Nacional da Chapada dos Veadeiros

Top choice national park in Goiás

This spectacular national park in the highest area of the Central West showcases the unique landscape and flora of high-altitude cerrado across 650 sq km of pristine beauty. With high waterfalls, raging canyons, natural swimming pools and oasis-like stands of wine palms, the park is a popular destination. The visitor center at the park entrance is 1km from São Jorge. You must enter by noon, and it's wise to get started early: there's a maximum capacity, plus the sun gets hot.

Visitors need to watch a short video before being let loose on the trails. The two principal routes are the Saltos e Corredeiras and Cânions e Cariocas. There's also a shorter 800m introductory trail and a 23km traverse, the Sete Quedas, which must be prebooked and involves an optional night of camping.

Guides are no longer required, but they are recommended if you want to learn more about the ecosystem. Private guides can be organized at the visitors’ center, through the local guide association (ACV-CV), or via tourist information points or hotels in São Jorge and Alto Paraíso.

Guides run half- and full-day tours to the park’s two principal trails. The price of the guide (R$150 to R$300) can be divided by up to 10 people.