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$48.58 Day Trips & Excursions

Discover Herzegovina in a Day Tour from Mostar

First place is Blagaj a place where history, religion, and one- of- kind nature mix together in a mystic-spiced combination. Dervish house carved into a breathtaking cliff in 17th century,is a place where you can catch bright sun, blue sky, and fresh water from Buna spring, which is among the strongest springs in Europe.Also in Blagaj in restaurant near river Buna  you will have breakfast which is included in tour price. Second stop is Bunski kanali a place where river Buna flows to river Neretva. Third stop is  Počitelj, listed as a UNESCO heritage site, built in 14thcentury by the order of Bosnian king Tvrtko. Besides its stunning oriental architecture and Ottoman feel, Pocitelj hosts the longest operating art colony in southeast Europe. Artist paint and sculpture every part of Pocitelj, including amazing fruit that grow around it. If you are not an artist, and not planing to paint, you can always enjoy eating figs, grapes, pomegranates and other various organic fruit. Fourth Kravice waterfalls is a place where we just leave you to have fun,Swim, dive from a cliff, splash, ride a canoe, grab a selfie under one of the biggest waterfalls in Balkans. Its an oasis of life, its an oasis of fun,its everyone's favorite destination. Fifth stop is hidden Yugoslavian military base.After the waterfalls your tour has the taste of ex-Yugoslavia. Infamous socialistic society had huge investments in every aspect of military infrastructure. One of the monuments is located only ten minutes Southern from Mostar, abandoned aircraft hangar. Yugoslavian revolutionary, Josip Tito had fighter jets placed deep in the mountainous bowels of the hanger, ready to deploy. The natural fortress protected the planes from attack, as well as from the prying eyes of citizens and spies. Sixth stop is located on a hill above Mostar. Here you can see a fabulous daylight view of the town. Last part of Discover Herzegovina tour is Mostar war tour, explanation of the latest war in this city,and what happened between the lines, based on your tourist guide experiences and first hand stories. Last stop in the city canter, where you will be able to see some ruins.In some of them still now standing  bunkers from last war. We will show you some pictures of Mostar during the war and you will be able to compare how some streets and buildings looking today and how they were looking during the war.

$80.98 Tours & Sightseeing

Herzegovina, Mostar, and Blagaj Tekke Tour from Sarajevo

Tour starts in Sarajevo, but can be arranged from elsewhere, if requested. First stop of the day is a short visit to the old part of Konjic town. Unique, prehistorically inhabited, famous for 17th century 6-arch Old Bridge, looming over the turquoise Neretva river, it is a day’s perfect start. Standing at the site of WW2's last day, during the Nazi withdrawal, we learn the story of the 'monument to human stupidity', the mystery of Tito’s Bunker, Boracko Lake glacier and few other stories before we continue our way.The ride continues by passing the large, dammed but very beautiful Jablanicko lake, with a short stop at Jablanica where we learn the WW2 story of 'Neretva Battle'. Then we continue through some really amazing parts of Neretva river canyon, telling the unique stories of Herzegovina, before we arrive to our second stop - Počitelj. Unique, Medieval, dating back to the Ottoman era, present day Ottoman-Mediterranean style architecture fortress in Počitelj town, is one of the very few urban ensembles in Bosnia and Herzegovina preserved in their integrity to the present times.After Pocitelj, we keep going, and after a short ride we arrive to Blagaj. Blagaj town is home to the Buna river spring - Europe’s most beautiful, most powerful, clean and drinkable river spring, settled beneath few hundred meters of rocks. Water comes out of quite large but stunningly deep cave, which springs amazing 43 cubic meters of water per second. Just next to the spring, under the rock, is home to Blagaj Tekke - Dervish house, dating most likely to a pre or early Ottoman era from early 16th century, and it is a unique sacral-residential example of Islamic architecture in Bosnia and Herzegovina.After a visit to Blagajska Tekija and Izvor rijeke Bune we stay there for bit longer as it is time for lunch. Due to the cleanliness of Buna river, the most important thing to taste in Blagaj today is the local trout.Later, only 15 minute further, it is time for the visit to Mostar, which is the most important jewel in this Herzegovina day trip. As soon as we arrive to Mostar, we start our 2 hour walking tour which will cover most important sites and locations in Mostar. We focus at Mostar’s Old Bridge, Old Bazaar and Old Town, but offer stories of Mostar’s uniqueness, in regards to historical and cultural diversity.In Mostar we give our guests free time to explore on their own as we simply do not like to hold a candle all the way. After Mostar it is time to go back to Sarajevo, and it will take us around two hours ride before we are home.

$79.83 Day Trips & Excursions

Mostar and Herzegovina Cities Day Tour from Sarajevo

The starting point is usually in front of Info Bosnia Tourist Information Center located on main pedestrian street Ferhadija, just next to "Sarajevo Meeting of Cultures", but can be arranged from elsewhere, if requested. After a small introduction and giving to our guest bottles of water, we can start our journey. First stop of the day is a short visit to Konjic - unique, prehistorically inhabited place from which Herzegovina starts, famous for 17th century 6-arch Old Bridge and a perfect introduction to emerald-green Neretva river. Our journey then continues towards the restaurant famous for their homemade Pita (pie) that will satisfy both the vegetarian and omnivore.With a full stomach, we continue towards beautiful medieval and Ottoman stone-constructed fortified village Počitelj. On our arrival, we take an easy hike towards the Kula, a silo-shaped fort overlooking the village from the top of the hill. It used to house watchmen and military as a guard against possible intrusions from the Neretva valley. After a short hike, we continue our way to Blagaj. Place most likely named for its mild weather patterns since "blaga" in Bosnian means "mild". Blagaj is situated at the spring of the Buna river, Europe’s most powerful, clean and drinkable river spring, settled beneath few hundred meters of rocks and 16th-century  tekke (tekija or Dervish monastery). Tekke or Dervish monastery is the unique sacral-residential example of Islamic architecture in Bosnia and Herzegovina, that was built with elements of Ottoman architecture and Mediterranean style.One of the nicest parts of our journey is the lunch at the banks of river Buna just a few kilometers away from Blagaj. Under the shade, while listening to a sound of the river, we recommend having a local trout with traditional desert "smokvara".After a nice meal, it is time to visit the best part of our journey- city of Mostar. Mostar has long been known for its old Turkish houses and Old Bridge, Stari Most, after which it is named. The historic part of Mostar is a result of interaction between the natural phenomena and human creativity throughout a long historical period. The architecture here presented a symbol of tolerance: a shared life of Muslims, Christians, and Jews. We focus at Mostar’s Old Bridge, Old Bazaar, and Old Town, but offer stories of Mostar’s uniqueness and cosmopolitan heritage.Mostar is our last stop and it is a time to say goodbye to Herzegovina. In just over 2 hours we are back in Sarajevo where we take our guests to their accommodation to rest from a full day.

$43.38 Day Trips & Excursions

Herzegovina Classics in a Day Tour from Mostar

In a country so rich in historical and natural heritage, it is next to impossible to decide which places deserve your full attention. So let us do it for you. This tour offers you the best of the region. Walking under the cliffs of Blagaj towards the 16th century Islamic monastery by the cool Buna river will show you some of the world's most spectacular sceneries. Same goes for the tranquility of Orthodox monastery in Žitomislići. There, one can learn on religion as much as on sacred art. Narrow and winding streets of Počitelj lead its visitors to the medieval castle dominating the Neretva valley. But one should also stop and take a rest in the shade of fig trees enjoying freshly squeezed fruit juices Počitelj is known for. The pearl of Herzegovina, Kravice cascades, are as much visual as hedonistic experience. Spectacular vista of the cascades surely invites you to take a leap in the cool waters of Trebižat river during a hot summer's day.

$277.66 Day Trips & Excursions

Private Excursion to Mostar and Blagaj from Dubrovnik

Departure from Dubrovnik in the morning in the direction of Mostar. On the way to Mostar organized break in Pocitelj, an overview of the city which is a fortress, which dates back to the Middle Ages, it is located near the town of Capljina along the river Neretva. This Herzegovinian town begins to intensively build the second half of the 16th century combining two architectural styles, Oriental and Mediterranean. The journey continues in the direction of Blagaj, city where the Buna River originates. Blagaj is known for it`s rich history, in ancient times there was an Illyrian fortress and a Roman castrum at the area of Blagaj. During the Ottoman Empire, the town grew and became the center of Blagaj kadiluk. Blagaj had seven mosques, two inns, four Musafirhana, madrasah, two mektebs, and four stone bridge on the river Buna. After a sightseeing of Blagaj follows free time for lunch. After lunch continue your journey towards Mostar. Located on the banks of the Neretva River it is cultural and economic center, the largest city in Herzegovina and the administrative center of the Herzegovina-Neretva county and university, cultural, economic and political center of the Croats in Bosnia and Herzegovina. The city is named after the bridge keepers (bridgewatchers) on the banks of the Neretva River. Belongs to one of the most beautiful cities in Bosnia and Herzegovina. It contains the old bridge, which together with the old town is on the list of protected cultural heritage by UNESCO since 2005. The wider area of today's Mostar was populated in the prehistoric period, as evidenced by numerous sites from the Neolithic, Copper, Bronze and Iron Ages. After a tour of Mostar with a local guide, you will have a free time to enjoy the local delicacies. After free time your journey continues to waterfall Kravica - Oasis in stone. Waterfall Kravice is certainly the most attractive locality on the Trebižat river. It was created by the flow of the tuff surrounded Trebižat river and as a natural phenomenon it's under the country's protection as a natural rarity.After enjoying your free time at Kravice, we start to return to Dubrovnik.

$72.88 Day Trips & Excursions

Pearls of Herzegovina: Blagaj, Pocitelj, Mogorjelo, Kravice Waterfalls and Medjugorje Day Trip from Mostar

Meet your guide in central Mostar at 10am and travel by private vehicle through the natural and historical wonders of southern Bosnia and Herzegovina. Drive south to Blagaj, a small town that contains the largest karst spring in Europe, and explore the remains of the Roman town of Bona. Visit the Dervish house, a Sufi pilgrimage site. Entrance is included. Continue to the medieval town of Pocitelj, perched on the Neretva River. Admire the Ottoman-era stone house built into the rocky mountainside and wind your way through charming backstreets and hidden courtyards. Discover Mogorjelo, expansive remains of a Roman rustic villa. The ruins dot the lush landscape, where archaeologists have uncovered artifacts from the fourth century. Drive to Kravice Waterfall, where the river drops into a horseshoe-shaped canyon. Savor the natural beauty of the falls and the surrounding hemp, figs, and poplars. Entrance to Kravice Waterefall is included. Visit the village of Medjugorje, a Catholic pilgrimage site where it’s believed images of the Virgin Mary have appeared. At the conclusion of your tour, your vehicle will return you to Mostar.