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Lukomir Village, Bjelasnica Olympic and Mountain Hiking

This tour will begin with ride from Sarajevo (8:00 AM) to Umoljani village, accross Bjelašnica mountain which in the same time is Olympic mountain and one of the most amazing in Bosnia and Herzegovina.When we leave our van at Umoljani village we will start our, firstly one way roughly 3-4 hour long hike, to reach Lukomir village. Trail will take us from starting point of approximately 1275 meters altitude (Umoljani) to peak of Obalj at around 1896 meters altitude, with more then 620 meters of altitude gain. All this heavy work will pay off once on top, as views of Studeni Potok along the way, Rakitnica Canyon and mountains of Treskavica, Visocica and ultimate peak of Bjelasnica mountain with numerous small villages in distance will be simply stunning. After some rest and full time body and spirit enjoyment we are ready to hike down to Lukomir village at altitude of 1500 which will be unique experience as well.Please note that depending on time of the year we can get lucky to have fields of bluberries, rose-hip, certain types of mushrooms, thyme or other plant species around us free to pick up and even taste.Lukomir is highest and most of the year inhabited (except in recent years, during heavy winter season, when locals leave village until early spring) and in the same time most isolated nomad village in Bosnia and Herzegovina.Once in Lukomir we go for a deserved resting time, having local coffee, and some food as well. Lunch is prepared at Lukomir village and included in the tour price. Dishes such as Zeljanica (spinach made pie) or Sirnica (cheese made) and Burek (meat made), with again local yoghurt and salad. Nothing in the world beats this.Second part of the tour will be pure enjoyment. After exploring Lukomir village, it will mainly be pleasant 3 hours hike back to Umoljani village, mainly on the flat terrain, through Canyong of Rakitnica river and amazing explorations of Peruce waterfall, Studeni Potok as one of the most beautiful valleys in whole of Bosnia and Herzegovina and story of "Umoljani Dragon". In the end of the day we ll do around 8 hours hike and will cover around 16km distance, which will surely be worth it all.Umoljani village is mostly known for few things: Stoned Dragon, Mosque and Sarajevo Haggadah and Studeni Potok (Cold Creek). To know more about these and see them, I guess you will have to book a tour :)After, we head it to Sarajevo, where approximate time of arrival is around 19.00 hours.

$46.03 Cultural & Theme Tours

From Sarajevo: Olympic Mountains Tour

Take a trip to one of Bosnia & Herzegovina's mountains which held the Winter Olympic Games in 1984.Explore and learn about Olympic Sarajevo! In 1984 Sarajevo hosted the 14th Olympic Winter Games, introducing Sarajevo to the world. The mountains that surround Sarajevo were perfectly suited to host the Olympic Games. The period of organizing Olympic games changed the face of Sarajevo, particularly in terms of construction. Whole new villages arose in the same period. Visiting these Olympic sights will take you back in time to when Sarajevo was the center of the World! Fresh air, thick woods, Olympic history and the rich green landscape will offer great relaxation and replenish you soul. Do not miss the chance to visit Olympic Sarajevo! For this tour you can choose to visit either Igman and Bjelasnica, or Trebevic and Jahorina. You will have the opportunity to make your own plan for the Olympic mountain tour. The tour is ideal for a family.


Hiking in the Balkans

At the crossroads between East and West, the Balkan Peninsula is a hidden gem waiting to be discovered. From the coastal city of Dubrovnik up into the mountains of Montenegro and the highest peak in Bosnia, cross the Balkans on two feet. Surrounded by medieval and modern history among lakes and canyons, this is the ideal setting for some of the best trekking that the Balkans has to offer.

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