Reserva Privada de Patrimonio Natural de Corbalán


This private 18 sq km reserve on the Paraguayan border was established in 1996 to protect a choice piece of Gran Chaco – its northern section is contiguous with the Paraguayan Reserva Privada Cañada del Carmen with which it shares a transnational conservation plan. Jaguars, pumas, tapirs, giant anteaters and giant armadillos are found here, though you'll more likely see Azara’s fox, the three-banded armadillo and birds such as the blue-fronted Amazon parrot and Chaco chachalaca.

The only access route is a poor road from Villamontes, which takes at least four hours with a good vehicle. If you plan to visit, accommodations are limited to a simple park rangers’ camp, and you’ll need to bring your own food, water and other supplies. Ask at Prometa in Tarija for further information.