Gruta de San Pedro

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A popular excursion, San Pedro Cave, known in the Aymará language as Chussek Uta (House of Owls), is approximately 500m deep, with an enclosed lagoon that can be crossed in pedal boats (B$5 per person, and recommended). Guides with the necessary lamps will help you find your way around. PCMB, the Bolivian program to conserve bats, has identified three nectar- and insect-eating bats in the pitch-black surroundings.

It’s a scenic 15km hike to the cave along a dirt road (two hours each way). Taxis will do the return trip for around B$80, including waiting time. The local community has also set up two simple albergues (basic accommodations) to overnight in. There are a total of four rooms with a single bed in each and prices are B$30 per person.

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