Satchari National Park

About 60km southwest of Srimangal, this out-of-the-way sanctuary is overseen by the Nishorgo Network and has a similar set-up to Lowacherra National Park with walking trails, but is much less visited. A superb slab of tropical forest, Satchari is home to a small population of hoolock gibbons as well as fishing cats, the gremlin-faced Phayre’s langur, jungle fowl, pygmy woodpeckers and oriental pied hornbills. To get here, it's best to hire a taxi from Srimangal for the day (Tk 3000).

Alternatively, you could take a bus from Srimangal to the crossroads junction known as Shaista Ganj (Tk 50, 40 minutes, hourly from 9am). Then take a bus to Chunarughat (Tk 15, 20 minutes), from where you can pick up a shared jeep to Satchari (Tk 20, 30 minutes). Don’t leave it too late coming back. Buses in Chunarughat start to thin out at around 5pm, although buses pass through Shaista Ganj all evening.