Srimangal & Around

The closest Manipuri village to Srimangal is Ramnagar. Local tours will usually include a trip here, but you can also walk here yourself. Of all the ethnic groups of this region, the Manipuri are the most integrated into mainstream Bangladeshi society, making villages like this one relatively accessible. Villagers have even opened shops here so tourists can buy the beautiful fabrics that you’ll see being woven on handlooms in back yards.

Those not involved in weaving tend to work in agriculture, so you’ll also see fruit trees galore (mango, lemon, jackfruit, banana) as well as rice paddies on the edge of the village. Most Manipuri are Hindu, and small temples and shrines dot the village. You may also notice the flame-like Hindu-temple symbol of the Manipuri, which is often woven into the fabrics they sell.