Puthia Palace

Rajshahi & Rangpur

This stately, multi-columned, two-storey palace was built in 1895 by Rani Hemanta Kumari Devi in honour of her illustrious mother-in-law, Maharani Sharat Sundari Devi. She was a major benefactor in the Rajshahi region, having built a boarding house for students and a Sanskrit college, for which she was given the title ‘maharani’ in 1877. Though access to the palace's interior is restricted, it’s enough just to marvel at the grand exterior and perfect setting, with its large grassy playground and frog-filled pond.

The building is in just passable condition to serve as a college today, but its walls are crumbling and are direly in need of restoration.

Facing Puthia Palace across the maidan is Dol Mondir, a white pyramid-shaped temple with four tiers, built in 1875. The imposing Govinda Temple can be accessed through a side door to the left of the facade, which is open to visitors all day.