UIG via Getty Images

Khania Dighi Mosque

Rajshahi & Rangpur

About 750m beyond the turn-off for Darasbari Mosque, turn right at the bus stand and keep walking for around 250m until you see a sign directing you off to the right to this gorgeous single-domed mosque. Also known as Rajbibi Mosque, it was built in 1490 and is in excellent condition. It has some ornately decorated walls, embellished primarily with terracotta floral designs. The dome is particularly fascinating, and is in perfect architectural unison with the gracefully proportioned building.

Built of thousands of minuscule bricks, Khania Dighi is one of the more arresting mosques in the country. Like Chhoto Sona Masjid, it’s a working mosque, in which Friday prayers are especially animated. It’s fine for women to enter outside prayer time but they must be respectfully dressed. The mosque’s position, crouching under huge stumpy mango trees (May to June is mango season) beside a large lily- and duck-covered pond, only helps to enhance its beauty, and it’s a perfect spot for a picnic.