Ram Sagar

Rajshahi & Rangpur

Commissioned in 1750 by Raja Ramnath, a local landlord, this placid and expansive reservoir is nearly a kilometre long and sits at the heart of the Ramsagar National Park, a beautiful patch of forest on the outskirts of Dinajpur. Its banks are a perfect place for a daytime picnic – snack stalls by the lake whip up basic eats and stock soft drinks. Fishing permits (per day Tk 4000) are available on site, but you'll have to bring your own gear.

While the permits are expensive, the deal is that you can take home whatever you catch. The still waters of the lake are home to some big fish: the largest catch was reportedly an 80kg carp that was hooked a few years ago.

There's a menagerie of sorts on the premises, with a few enclosures housing monkeys, spotted deer and two lazy rock pythons.

To get here, follow the Pirganj Rd for about 14km, travelling south from Dinajpur. A CNG will cost you Tk 200.