Teknaf Wildlife Sanctuary


This rarely visited wildlife reserve is home to some of the country’s few remaining wild elephants. Your chances of seeing one of them are slim (the best chance is in the evening), but hiking into the hilly forest is an adventure in itself. The Nishorgo Network (www.nishorgo.org) keeps a list of local guides, although few speak English. The trails, though, are marked on wooden signboards (albeit in Bengali only), so it’s reasonably easy to find your way around.

The chances are you’ll be the only tourist walking the forest trails, although you may bump into local villagers as they venture into the hills to collect firewood. Deforestation caused by a growing but poor population has meant that the area has lost 90% of its forest cover in the last four decades.

Technically there’s an Interpretation Centre by the entrance and some basic accommodation, but both were shut when we visited.