Helen Ochyra

Helen Ochyra

London, United Kingdom

About Helen

I’ve been a freelance travel writer for 15 years but have been writing about travel ever since my parents started making me put together scrapbooks of our early family holidays – and I discovered an obsession with postcards and those leaflet stands you find in hotel lobbies!

I grew up in Wiltshire in rural England, but a school trip to Spain when I was 12 kicked off a love affair with the country. I now speak Spanish and have been to almost every corner of both the mainland and the islands and have a special place in my heart for the Canaries. Nothing makes me happier than turning up at the airport, picking up a car and heading out into the sunshine to uncover those places only the locals know – for now!

My travel articles have appeared in the Times, the Guardian and the Telegraph, among many others. I specialize in writing about Spain, as well as the UK, the USA and Australia. Although I have lived in San Diego, California and Brisbane, Australia, I'm a full-throated Londoner these days and live in the city with my husband and three young children. They will of course be forced to make scrapbooks of their own as soon as they can hold a glue stick!


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