Erin  Levi

Erin Levi

New York, NY, USA

About Erin

I’m a freelance writer and lifelong traveler. Aside from Lonely Planet, I’ve contributed to AFAR, BBC Travel, the New York Times, and other publications.

Infamous for my 24-hour trips, like the time I flew from NYC to Tel Aviv for just one night, I’m also known for multi-month stints abroad and far-flung cultural immersions, which have led me, a 2nd-gen American from the woods of southwestern Connecticut, to picking up an unexpected language or two, such as o’zbek and tiếng Viết, and making friends around the globe, everywhere from Thimphu to Topanga and from Maine to Milan. My travel style is spontaneous. But the trip I enjoy most is the one that calls to me, whether it’s been a childhood dream or nascent fascination.

When I’m not sipping Chasselas with Swiss vintners in the Lavaux or tracking down archaeologists in the Dominican Republic, i.e. living out of my pink away carry-on, you can find me exploring the world between 1st and 11th Avenues, and recovering “off-the-grid” in my home state of CT, plotting my next adventure.

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