Amanda Capritto

Amanda Capritto

Miami, Florida, USA

About Amanda

Amanda is an avid traveler, adventurer, and storyteller. Particularly fond of road trips and camping, Amanda spends a lot of time sleeping in the handmade bed conversion in the back of her car. Her home base is Miami (for now), where she loves to go "mountain" biking (think: manmade trails with lots of wooden features), take out her SUP with her dog Finley, train for triathlons, and watch sunrises at the quieter beaches. Amanda has extensive content creation experience in not only travel and adventure, but fitness, health, and wellness. As a certified personal trainer with multiple specialized certifications, Amanda is very interested in the intersection of physical fitness and outdoor recreation. Bucket list items: Thru-paddle the 99-mile Wilderness Waterway in the Florida Everglades; earn a PADI scuba certification in the Florida Keys; learn to longboard dance.

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