Alexis Steinman

Alexis Steinman

Marseille, France

About Alexis

Having called NYC, LA, Seattle, Marrakech, and now Marseille home, I easily immerse into new cultures. Whether tasting wine made by French Foreign Legion vets in Provence, sharing a Passover seder with strangers in Barcelona, or scrubbing in sulfur pools with Sicilians in Stromboli. For me, traveling isn’t about chain hotels or checklists. It is interactions with locals and intimate journeys that embrace a sense of place.

As a Libra, my writing is a balance between two worlds: of luxury and rustic, of urban and rural, of foreign and the familiar. Though Fluent in French and can order in Italian and Spanish, this food & travel writer believes food is a common language that unites us all. Ever insatiable, wherever I wander, good eats and drink are sure to be nearby. Partly because I make a mean cocktail.

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