Bungle Bungles range.

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Purnululu National Park

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Looking like a packet of half-melted Jaffas, World Heritage Purnululu is home to the incredible ochre and black striped 'beehive' domes of the Bungle Bungle Range.

The distinctive rounded rock towers are made of sandstone and conglomerates moulded by rainfall over millions of years. Their stripes are the result of oxidised iron compounds and algae. To the local Kidja people, purnululu means sandstone, with Bungle Bungle possibly a corruption of 'bundle bundle', a common grass.

Over 3000 sq km of ancient country contains a wide array of wildlife, including over 130 bird species. Rangers are based here from April to November and the park is closed outside this time.

You'll need a high-clearance 4WD for the 52km twisting, rough road from the highway to the visitor centre near Three Ways junction; allow 2½ hours. There are five deep creek crossings and the turn-off is 53km south of Warmun. Kurrajong and Walardi camps have fresh water and toilets. Book campsites online via www.parkstay.dpaw.wa.gov.au.

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