Mulka's Cave & the Humps

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Amazing Mulka's Cave is an important Nyaki-Nyaki rock-art site, with 452 recorded stencils and handprints, some produced as recently as 400 years ago. Astonishingly, it's free to access with no protective measures in place: visitors are trusted to be respectful. Not all the stencils are immediately apparent, but as your eyes adjust to the half-light, more and more start to emerge from the gloom. The cave is 19km north of Wave Rock, the last 1.5km on an unsealed road.

If you feel like a wander, there are two walking tracks here, exploring the larger Humps outcrop in which Mulka's Cave is formed. The Kalari Trail (1.6km loop) climbs onto a huge granite dome (one of the Humps) with excellent views, somehow wilder and more impressive than Wave Rock; while the Gnamma Trail (1.2km loop) stays low and investigates natural waterholes with interpretive panels on Nyaki-Nyaki culture.

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