Palm Springs

Broome & The Kimberley

Soak your weary, corrugations-bashed body in this beautiful, permanent pool on the Black Elvire River, 45km from Halls Creek. Free, 24-hour camping allowed.

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Nearby Broome & The Kimberley attractions

1. Sawpit Gorge

1.68 MILES

Great bushwalking, swimming and secluded campsites await the traveller prepared to cross the rocky Albert Edward Range to this gorge 50km from Halls Creek.

2. China Wall

14.18 MILES

Amateur geologists will marvel at this vein of white quartzite sticking out of the red dirt and spinifex, 6km from Halls Creek.

3. Yarliyil Gallery

17.73 MILES

Halls Creek gallery showcasing talented local artists as well as some Ringer Soak mob.