These friendly Texans champion French-style sparkling chardonnay and rosé, produce good merlot, pinot noir and cabernet sauvignon, and also conduct interesting experiments, such as white pinot noir. All grapes are hand-harvested from own estate. Owners happy to chat.

Lonely Planet's must-see attractions

Nearby Southern WA attractions

1. Rockcliffe Winery

0.51 MILES

Five-star wines named after surf breaks, ranging from award-winning pinot noir, shiraz and cabernet sauvignon to chardonnay and rosé. Good restaurant on…

2. Silverstream

1.07 MILES

Specialises in 'Denmark in a bottle', single estate, cool-climate wines only. Its prize-winning chardonnay is particularly worth a taste. Intimate…

3. Singlefile Wines

2.18 MILES

Large, popular winery with tastings of excellent chardonnay, as well as riesling, sauvignon blanc, botrytis, cabernet sauvignon and shiraz, Singlefile has…

4. Harewood Estate

5.53 MILES

One of four 5-star wineries around Denmark, this estate sells a diverse range of award-winning wines from its four vineyards. Don't miss its 2014 reserve…

5. William Bay National Park

8.67 MILES

William Bay National Park, about 20km west of town, offers sheltered swimming in gorgeous Greens Pool and off nearby Elephant Rocks, and has good walking…

6. Moombaki Wines

16.51 MILES

This small, family-run 5-star winery specialises in hand-crafted vintages made exclusively from estate-grown grapes. Tastings include the stellar malbec…

7. Poacher's Ridge

17.71 MILES

Five-star Poacher's Ridge was twice named one of Australia's best wineries by Gourmet Traveller Wine. Apart from its multiple award-winning 2007 merlot,…

8. West Cape Howe National Park

18.73 MILES

Midway between Denmark and Albany, this 35-sq-km coastal park is a playground for naturalists, bushwalkers, rock climbers and anglers. Inland are areas of…