Point Hicks Lighthouse

Top choice in Victoria

Climb 162 stairs that spiral to the top of this remote lighthouse (1890) for dizzying coastal views and plenty of interesting stories. Note that there's no vehicle access to the lighthouse, so it's a 2.2km walk (one way) to get here from the car park. At the time of research the road here was inaccessible due to damage from the 2020 bushfires, so confirm it's reopened with Parks Victoria before setting out.

There are lots of wombats out this way (but they're only active at night), and you'll likely see wallabies.

The road from Cann River is sealed for the first 16km, but it's very rough going for the remaining 30km; it's possible for smaller cars, but you'll need to take it slowly, as people have flipped their cars in the past.

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