Towers Hill

Townsville & Mission Beach

Climb up here for a panoramic view of town at sunrise or sunset. The view helps put the town in its context – it's surprisingly large, but nothing compared to the surrounding country that stretches out forever. There's a nightly showing of the Ghosts After Dark film, too; book in advance.

Watch for allied rock wallabies, eastern grey kangaroos, wallaroos and pademelons on the slopes.

Lonely Planet's must-see attractions

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1. Cattle Sales

0.98 MILES

For a real slice of local life, there are cattle sales at the Dalrymple Saleyards west of town on the road to Hughenden most Wednesdays – ask at the…

2. Stock Exchange Arcade

0.99 MILES

Walk beneath the barrel-vaulted portico into a gorgeous little open-ended arcade (1888) which was the commercial hub of the second-largest town in…

3. Venus Gold Battery

2.78 MILES

Take a tour of the reputedly haunted Venus Gold Battery, where gold-bearing ore was crushed and processed from 1872 to 1980. It's an intriguing insight…