Limmen National Park

Top choice in Outback Northern Territory

A vast and rugged landscape, this 9608-sq-km national park is in the heart of tropical savannah country and appeals particularly to fisherfolk and 4WD enthusiasts. This is home to some of the most striking sandstone-escarpment country in southern Arnhem Land and the 'lost cities' – upthrusts of rocky pinnacles that are simply spectacular and worth exploring on foot. For an aerial view, contact Heartbreak Hotel along the Carpentaria Hwy.

There are two 'lost cities'. The first if you're coming from the north is Southern Lost City, 35km south of the Nathan River Ranger Station; a 2.5km walking track loops among the rocks. More difficult to access (you'll need a high-clearance 4WD), the Western Lost City lies at the end of a rough 28km track that begins just northwest of the ranger station (where you'll need to get the access code to unlock the gate; it's posted on the whiteboard).