Mungo National Park

Outback NSW

Remote and beautiful, Mungo National Park covers 27,850 hectares (68,790 acres) and echoes with over 400 centuries of continuous human habitation. A 33km (20.5mi) semicircle (lunette) of huge sand dunes, known as the Walls of China, has been created by an unceasing wind that constantly exposes ancient Indigenous artefacts and prehistoric bones.

From the Main Campground there are short walks such as the Grasslands Nature Stroll (1.2km loop) and a short path from the carpark to Mungo Lookout.

From the visitor centre the 2.5km Foreshore Walk follows the ancient shoreline of Lake Mungo, or you can walk or cycle the 10km Pastoral Heritage Trail, linking the old Mungo Woolshed with the remnants of the Zanci Homestead precinct built in the 1920s.

All park and camp fees are payable at the Mungo National Park Visitor Centre.

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