Dry River bed in the Mutawintji National Park, outback NSW Australia


Mutawintji National Park

Broken Hill

This exceptional 690-sq-km park, 163km from Broken Hill, lies in the Byngnano Range – the eroded and sculptured remains of a 400-million-year-old seabed. Its stunning gorges and rock pools teem with wildlife, and the mulga plains stretch to the horizon. The Malyangapa and Bandjigali peoples have lived in the area for thousands of years, and there are important rock engravings, stencils, paintings and scattered remains of their day-to-day life. Visit the protected Mutawintji Historic Site with a guide from Mutawintji Heritage Tours.

The Broken Hill NWPS Office can connect you with a guide and has park brochures that include a simple map and eight walks or drives through the park. You can camp at Homestead Creek (adult/child $6/3.50); bring all supplies. In dry weather it's generally accessible to 2WD vehicles, but always come prepared and tell someone where you're travelling. Check road-closure info on 08-8082 6660 or 08-8091 5155.