Parque Nacional El Impenetrable

The Gran Chaco

Argentina's newest national park is also the reserve with the coolest name. Located between the towns of Miraflores and Nueva Pompeya, the recently inaugurated park covers 130,000 hectares between the highway and the Río Bermejo including many tracts of untouched native forest and is a great place to spot larger fauna such as tapirs and anteaters. It's also home to jaguars and a vast array of birdlife.

Facilities in the park are still a work in progress and visitors should consult with the park office before heading out. Among the facilities being developed are an interpretation trail, picnic area and a zone to pitch a tent. More activities are being added as the infrastructure is developed. There's no hotels or restaurants near the park. Access to the park is from Paraje La Armonia, 60km from Miraflores on the road to Nueva Pompeya which is accessible by the very irregular bus service between the towns. You'll want to be self-sufficient and plan on spending several days here to make the trip worthwhile.

Buses to Miraflores (AR$330) leave several times a day from the terminal in Resistencia.