Parque Nacional Baritú

Salta & Jujuy Provinces

Parque Nacional Baritú is a remote 70-hectare slice of raw, subtropical wilderness, tucked up against the Bolivian border at an elevation that varies between 1800m and 2000m. Fauna includes puma, tapir, and capybara – a guinea-pig-like rodent. The rivers run hard, the jungle is humid and it's spectacularly photogenic. If only you could get there a bit easier. Remote Baritú can only be accessed by road through Bolivia.

From RN 34, 90km beyond Calilegua, head for Orán then Aguas Blancas. Crossing into Bolivia, hug the north bank of Río Bermejo, heading westward 113km, before crossing back into Argentina at La Mamora. A further 17km gets you to Los Toldos, and another 26km brings you to Lipeo, a hamlet at the northwest corner of Parque Nacional Baritú.

Rental-car companies likely won't let you take a vehicle into Bolivia, so a mixture of buses and hitchhiking is probably your only option.