Parque Nacional Patagonia

Inland Patagonia

Out on the steppe, this 530-sq-km park was created in 2015 primarily to protect the maca tobiano, an endangered grebe brought to the brink of extinction principally by non-native mink. It's also a hiking and bird-watching destination. Park infrastructure is still developing. Visitors can stay at the El Sauco campground, which has wild camping on Río Blanco, located 190km from Los Antiguos via RN 40 and RN 41 (Paso Zeballos). There's also camping and trails from Portal La Ascensión.

It's part of a much larger project to create a binational park between Chile and Argentina, spread in points throughout the region and designed to protect many native species, environments and heritage areas, including the canyon area surrounding Cueva de las Manos.

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