La Malvina

The Pampas & the Atlantic Coast

On the edge of the laguna, La Malvina – the elegant original estancia of Santa Rosa's founder – has been restored and reopened to the public. Now a minimuseum displaying old photographs of the settlement's early days, it's worth a walk-through. If you're interested in architecture you'll enjoy the side-by-side photos showing Santa Rosa's primary buildings, then and now.

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1. Obispado de la Diócesis de Santa Rosa

2.03 MILES

You've never seen a church like this. Faded now from what must have been its gleaming, feather-ruffling ribbon cutting, the facade in front of Santa Rosa…

2. Museo San Huberto

20.61 MILES

This small museum houses an interesting collection of 15 horse-drawn carriages from the early 20th century.

3. Museo El Castillo

20.61 MILES

Tours of the Castillo Luro, as the museum is known, offer insight into the luxurious eccentricities that Argentine landowners could afford to indulge in…

4. Museo El Caserío

20.62 MILES

The Museo El Caserío is where the French painter Tristán Lacroix lived and worked in 1911.

5. Reserva Provincial Parque Luro

20.66 MILES

Home to a mix of introduced and native species, as well as over 150 species of birds, this 76-sq-km reserve is a delightful spot to while away some easy…