Bogove Waterfall

Waterfall in Berat

They might be fairly small, but these waterfalls, which from a distance appear to disappear in and out of the rocks, have a rare beauty and make for a great day trip from Berat. You can swim in the turquoise pools at the foot of the falls but even in summer the water is icy cold.

Getting to the falls by public transport is a bit of an ordeal. Every hour there are buses from Berat to Skrapar. Jump off this bus in the tiny village of Bogove (1½ hours; 200 lekë) and ask someone to point you towards the trail through the hills to the waterfalls. The walk takes about 45 minutes. Note that the last bus back to Berat is around 3pm. A much easier, if less adventurous way of getting there is by joining a tour organised by Berat Backpackers (€15, minimum four people).