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Lonely Planet Magazine

Lonely Planet Magazine offers original travel ideas, practical tips and advice, essential news and stunning photography – all delivered with humor, honesty and a freshness that you won’t find elsewhere. Every issue will take US and UK readers to the heart of a place in a way that no other travel title can.

    Our mission

    Lonely Planet Magazine is the definitive source of honest travel inspiration encouraging readers to explore and seek new experiences – whether in their own backyards, on roads well-traveled or in the far-flung corners of the planet.

    Our values

    We’re curious, honest, fun, trustworthy and responsible.

    Key facts

    Circulation will derive from the following sources:
    • Lonely Planet fans in the US, including guidebook buyers and website users
    • Direct mail to targeted lists of frequent leisure travelers
    • Targeted newsstands, including airports, retailers and relevant major market outlets
    • Partnership with travel suppliers
    • Tablet sales on iOS, Android, Kindle and Nook

    Guaranteed Rate Base: 125,000

    Frequency: Quarterly

    Cover price: $5.99

    Target audience

    Male/Female: 43.6%:56.4%*

    Median age: 45.2**

    Median HHI: $134,750**

    Regular domestic and international travelers***

    * CDS Global study 2017
    ** Estimate
    *** Lonely Planet touchpoint research study 2016

    2018 Editorial Calendar


    Dream Trips

    Features Best Moments of Your Life; Tanzania: following the Great and Little Migrations across the Serengeti; Denmark's next foodie destination; On the Oregon Food Trail - meeting food and wine producers

    Great Escape Greece: island-hopping in the North Aegean

    Important Dates
    On Sale: 8/14/18
    Ad Close: 7/2/18
    Final Ad Materials: 7/9/18


    Best in Travel 2019

    Features Best in Travel 2019; The Language of Hawaii

    Great Escape Top Best in Travel destination

    Important Dates
    On Sale: 11/13/18
    Ad Close: 10/2/18
    Final Ad Materials: 10/8/18

    * Editorial calendar and close/sale dates subject to change.



    Cover 2
    Cover 3
    Cover 4

    Double Page Spread (DPS)

    DPS + Advertorial


    1 Page
    1/2 Page
    1/3 Page
    1/4 Page

    All rates are gross. Same prices for all pages regardless of coloration. No bleed charge.

    Circulation includes the print and digital editions of the magazine. Qualified full-run advertisements will run in both editions. Read our Terms and Conditions.

    Preferred Materials

    Preferred Materials PDF-X-1A (4-color composite) digital files with total dot density/resolution of 300. Quark files will not be accepted. Instructions on creating PDF-X-1A files can be accessed at: lonelyplanet.sendmyad.com.

    Safety all live matter must be a minimum of 3/8" from trim on all four sides.

    Send Files

    Please send all PDF/X-1A ads to Lonely Planet magazine by uploading your files to our ad portal: lonelyplanet.sendmyad.com.

    Print Edition

    Live Area


    9” x 10.875”
    229mm x 276mm
    7.5” x 10”
    191mm x 254mm
    9.25” x 11.125”
    235mm x 283mm
    8.5” x 10.375”
    216mm x 264mm


    18” x 10.875”
    457mm” x 276mm
    16” x 10”
    406mm x 254mm
    18.25” x 11.125”
    464mm x 283mm
    17.5” x 10.375”
    445mm x 264mm

    2/3 Page Vertical

    5.5” x 10.875”
    140mm x 276mm
    5” x 10”
    127mm x 254mm
    5.75” x 11.125”
    146mm x 283mm
    5” x 10.375”
    127mm x 264mm

    1/2 Page Horizontal

    9” x 5.3125”
    229mm x 135mm
    7.5” x 4.8125”
    191mm x 122mm
    9.25” x 5.5625”
    235mm x 141mm
    8.5” x 4.8125”
    216mm x 122mm

    1/2 Page Horizontal Spread

    18” x 5.3125”
    457mm x 135mm
    16” x 4.8125”
    406mm x 122mm
    18.25” x 5.5625”
    464mm x 141mm
    17.5” x 4.8125”
    445mm x 122mm

    1/2 Page Island

    5.3125” x 8”
    135mm x 203mm
    4.8125” x 7.5”
    122mm x 191mm
    5.5625” x 8.25”
    141mm x 209mm
    4.8125” x 7.5”
    122mm x 191mm

    1/2 Page Vertical

    4.25” x 10.875”
    108mm x 276mm
    4” x 10”
    102mm x 254mm
    4.375” x 11.125”
    111mm x 283mm
    4” x 10.375”
    102mm x 264mm

    1/3 Page Square

    5.5” x 5.3125”
    140mm x 135mm
    5” x 4.8125”
    127mm x 122mm
    5.75” x 5.5625”
    146mm x 141mm
    5” x 4.8125”
    127mm x 122mm

    1/3 Page Vertical

    3” x 10.875”
    76mm x 276mm
    2.75” x 10”
    70mm x 254mm
    3.25” x 11.125”
    82mm x 283mm
    2.75” x 10.375”
    70mm x 264mm

    Fractional units are available on a limited basis. Half-horizontal ads positioned at bottom of page.

    Tablet Edition

    Digital edition specs

    Production contact:
    Kady Francesconi

    Alliance for Audited Media member min's Magazine Media Awards finalist
    2016 Folio: Eddie and Ozzie Winner


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