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Money & costs



Norway is expensive. If you stay in camp sites, prepare your own meals and buy discounted transport tickets, you could squeeze by on around Nkr300 per person per day. Staying in hostels that include breakfast (or eating breakfast at a bakery), having lunch at an inexpensive restaurant and picking up supermarket items for dinner, you can possibly manage on Nkr400 per day, but Nkr500 is more realistic.

Staying at hotels that include buffet breakfasts, and eating light lunches and an evening meal at a moderately priced restaurant, you can expect to spend at least Nkr750 per person per day if you’re doubling up and Nkr900 if you’re travelling alone. Once you factor in transport, sights and alcohol (nightclub cover charges start from Nkr70), you’ll struggle to keep below Nkr1000; if you rent a car, Nkr1500 is a more likely minimum.

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The Norwegian krone is most often represented either as Nkr (preceding the number, as in this book), NOK (preceding the number) or simply kr (following the amount). One Norwegian krone (Nkr1) equals 100 øre. Coins come in 50 øre and Nkr1, Nkr5, Nkr10 and Nkr20 denominations, and notes are worth Nkr50, Nkr100, Nkr200, Nkr500 and Nkr1000.

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Norwegian ATMs allow you to access cash in your home account with an ATM card from your home bank. ‘Mini-Banks’ (the Norwegian name for ATMs) are found adjacent to many banks and around busy public places, such as shopping centres. They accept major credit cards as well as Cirrus, Visa Electron and/or Plus bank cards, although check with your bank before leaving about which banks charge the lowest withdrawal fees.

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Credit cards

Visa, Eurocard, MasterCard, Diners Club and American Express cards are widely accepted throughout Norway. Although credit or debit cards allow you to avoid the fees charged for changing cash or travellers cheques, such gains can be cancelled out by bank fees and not all places accept debit cards. Credit cards can be used to buy train tickets and are accepted on some (eg Hurtigruten), but not all, domestic ferries.

If your card is lost or stolen in Norway, report it immediately:

American Express (22 96 08 00)

Diners Club (21 01 50 00)

Eurocard/MasterCard (21 01 52 22)

Visa (08989)

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