Must see attractions in Lake District

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    The sprawling ancient city ruins of Sagalassos, dating from 1200 BC, are set high amid the stark and jagged peaks of Ak Dağ (White Mountain). Rarely…

  • Antiocheia-in-Pisidia

    Antiocheia-in-Pisidia is a largely unexcavated ancient Pisidian city, about 2km from Yalvaç. St Paul of Tarsus visited several times (as recorded in the…

  • Mt Davraz

    Davraz Dağı (2653m), rising between three lakes, has great skiing from mid-December to March. A day-long section of the St Paul Trail leads between here…

  • Y
    Yazılı Canyon Nature Park

    Deep in the Taurus Mountains, roughly 65km south of Eğirdir, this forested gorge separates the Lake District (ancient Pisidia) and the Antalya region …

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    Lake Kovada National Park

    Surrounding a small lake connected to Lake Eğirdir by a channel, this national park is good for hiking, picnicking and flora, especially at the nearby…

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    Pınar Pazarı

    On Sundays between August and October, you can buy apples, cheese, yoghurt or even a goat at this village market run by the Yörük Turks, who descend from…

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    Hızır Bey Cami

    Originally a Seljuk warehouse (built 1237), this simple stone structure in the centre became a mosque in 1308 under Hamidoğulları emir Hızır Bey. It…

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    Bedre Beach

    To sunbathe on a sandy beach, head 11km out of the centre on the road from Eğirdir to Barla. Bedre Beach is best, with 1.5km of sand. You can walk or…

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    The very ruinous remnants of Adada, with its toppled masonry strewn across overgrown meadows and into the surrounding forest, has a still visible agora…

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    Ayastafanos Church

    Eğirdir's last remaining Orthodox church is on Yeşilada, near İskele Park. Thirteen other churches were torn down after the Greek community departed in…

  • Z
    Zından Cave

    Roughly 30km southeast of Eğirdir, and about 1km north of Aksu by a Roman bridge, you'll find the entrance to the kilometre-long Zından Mağarası, which…

  • D
    Dündar Bey Medresesi

    In 1281 Hamidoğulları emir Felekeddin Dündar Bey turned this grand stone structure in the centre – then a 67-year-old Seljuk caravanserai – into a medrese…

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    Altınkum Beach

    Pebbly Altınkum Beach is 3.5km northwest of central Eğirdir. There's a small admission fee. It's not a particularly pretty beach. In high summer, dolmuşes…

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    Eǧirdir Castle

    The massive walls of the ruined castle of Akrotiri (the Byzantine name for Eğirdir) allegedly dates back to 5th-century BC Lydian king Croesus.

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    Belediye Beach

    Sandy Belediye Beach is at Yazla, less than 1km from Eǧirdir centre on the Isparta road. There are changing cabins and simple restaurants.

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    Atatürk Statue

    Eğirdir stretches for several kilometres along the shore of Eğirdir Gölü. Its centre is at the base of a promontory jutting into the lake, marked by this…

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    This compact cemetery is on the island of Yeşilada.