Must see attractions in Phayao

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    Kwan Phayao

    This vast body of water is the largest swamp in Northern Thailand and a symbol of Phayao. Although it's naturally occurring, its water level is artificially controlled – otherwise the wetlands would go dry outside of the wet season. Framed by mountains, the swamp is in fact more scenic than the name suggests and is the setting for what must be among the most beautiful sunsets in Northern Thailand.

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    Wat Sri Khom Kham

    Phayao’s most important temple is thought to date back to 1491, but its present structure was finished in 1923. The immense prayer hall holds the Phra Jao Ton Luang, the largest Chiang Saen–era Buddha statue in the country. It stands 18m high and legend has it that the construction of the statue took more than 30 years. It’s not the most beautiful or well-proportioned Buddha image in Thailand, but it certainly is impressive.

  • Sights in Phayao

    Phayao Cultural Exhibition Hall

    This two-storey museum is packed with artefacts. Standout items include a unique ‘black’ Buddha statue and a fossil of two ­embracing crabs labelled ‘Wonder Lover’. A few more English captions would be nice. It’s next door to Wat Sri Khom Kham, about 2km from the northern end of Th Chaykawan.

  • Sights in Phayao

    Wat Li

    Just off the main highway opposite the turn-off to Phayao, this Buddhist temple features a small museum with a decent variety of items from the Chiang Saen era.

  • Sights in Phayao

    Wat Phra That Jom Thong

    This Buddhist temple has an attractive chedi (stupa) and is set on a wooded hilltop 3km from the centre of town.