Must see attractions in Northeastern Tanzania

  • A
    Amani Nature Reserve

    This reserve is located west of Tanga in the heart of the eastern Usambaras. Often overlooked, it’s a peaceful, lushly vegetated patch of montane forest…

  • Bagamoyo Town

    With its cobwebbed portals and crumbling German-era colonial buildings, central Bagamoyo, or Mji Mkongwe (Stone Town) as it’s known locally, is well worth…

  • T
    Tongoni Ruins

    About 20km south of Tanga and just off the coastal road, the Tongoni ruins are set picturesquely amidst the baobabs on a low rise overlooking stands of…

  • M
    Mkomazi National Park

    Seldom-visited Mkomazi spreads along the Kenya border in the shadow of the Pare Mountains, its dry savannah lands contrasting sharply with the moist…

  • L
    Lutindi Cultural Tourism Project

    Perched on the edge of the Usambara Mountains southeast of Lushoto is Lutindi and the Lutindi Cultural Tourism Project. Lutindi is the site of the first…

  • K
    Kaole Ruins

    Just southeast of Bagamoyo are these atmospheric ruins. At their centre are the remains of a 13th-century mosque, which is one of the oldest in mainland…

  • C
    College of Arts

    Located about 500m southeast of Bagamoyo along the road to Dar es Salaam is this renowned theatre and arts college, home of the national dance company…

  • C
    Catholic Museum

    About 2km northwest of town and reached via a long, mango-tree-shaded avenue is the Catholic mission and museum, one of Bagamoyo’s highlights, with well…

  • S
    Saadani National Park

    About 70km north of Bagamoyo along a lovely stretch of coastline, and directly opposite Zanzibar Island, is tiny Saadani, a 1000-sq-km patch of coastal…

  • U
    Urithi Tanga Museum

    Tanga’s old boma has been rehabilitated, and now houses this small but worthwhile museum, with historical photos and artefacts from the area.

  • A
    Amboni Caves

    Long the subject of local legend, these limestone caves are one of the most extensive subterranean systems in East Africa and an intriguing excursion for…

  • T
    Toten Island

    Directly offshore from Tanga is small, mangrove-ringed island Toten Island ('Island of the Dead'), with the overgrown ruins of a mosque dating from at…

  • G
    Galanos Sulphur Springs

    These green, odorous and rather underwhelming sulphur springs northwest of Tanga take their name from a Greek sisal planter who was the first to recognise…

  • C
    Caravan Serai Museum

    This undistinguished museum has a small display documenting the slave trade. It's at the town entrance, just past and diagonally opposite CRDB bank. More…

  • S
    St Anthony's Cathedral

    The architecturally intriguing St Anthony's Cathedral is set just back from the waterfront.

  • T
    Tanga Coelacanth Marine Park

    The goal of this recently declared ‘park’ is to protect the local population of prehistoric coelacanth fish. The temporary headquarters are in Kigombe…