Must-see attractions in Barcelona

  • Entrance to Col·legi de Arquitectes

    Col·legi d'Arquitectes

    La Rambla & Barri Gòtic

    Across from La Catedral your eye may be caught by what appear to be childlike scribblings on the facade of the 1931 Col·legi de Arquitectes. It is, in…

  • Castell dels Tres Dragons surrounded by the park

    Castell dels Tres Dragons

    La Ribera

    Along the Passeig de Picasso (western) side of the Parc de la Ciutadella, the engaging, medieval-looking 'Castle of the Three Dragons' caprice is the work…

  • Front of Parròquia de Sant Andreu de Palomar

    Parròquia de Sant Andreu de Palomar


    Stepping out of Sant Andreu metro and onto Plaça d'Orfila, you'll be greeted by the sight of this grand church with an impressive domed roof. Originally…

  • Exterior of Museu Olímpic i de l'Esport

    Museu Olímpic i de l'Esport


    At this information-packed interactive sporting museum, you wander down a ramp that snakes below ground level and is lined with multimedia displays on the…

  • Barcelona, Spain - May 17, 2015: Crowded park under a suspension bridge in Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain
El Parque Fluvial del Besós
River Besos

    El Parque Fluvial del Besós


    Barcelona's river is little-known to visitors, but it's worth it for those who want to explore further. The River Besós lies right at the northeastern…

  • Statue of Gaudí at Gaudí Experience

    G Experiència


    A fun-filled Disney-style look at the life and work of Barcelona's favourite son Gaudí, just a stone's throw from Park Güell. There are models of Gaudí's…

  • Entrance to Fundació Fran Daurel

    Fundació Fran Daurel


    With Poble Espanyol, the Fundació Fran Daurel is an eclectic collection of 300 works of art, including sculptures, prints, ceramics and tapestries by…

  • Front of the Fàbrica del Sol

    Fàbrica del Sol


    A relic from the industrial era, this striking Modernista building with its red brick and yellow details today houses an environmental education centre,…

  • Close up of Edifici de Gas Natural

    Edifici de Gas Natural


    The work of Enric Miralles, completed in 2005, this shimmering glass waterfront office tower is only 86m (20 storeys) high, but remains extraordinary for…

  • Music performance at Nau Bostik vintage market

    Nau Bostik


    Hip Nau Bostik is a must-visit for vintage lovers, and street-art fans in particular. Set in an old factory, it's a bit rough around the edges but is…

  • Inside the foyer of the Museu Europeu d’Art Modern

    Museu Europeu d’Art Modern

    La Ribera

    Unravelling across three floors and a hushed courtyard within the handsome 18th-century Palau Gomis, around the corner from the Museu Picasso, this…

  • Exterior of the Inside the Estadi Olímpic Lluís Companys

    Estadi Olímpic Lluís Companys


    If you saw the Olympics on TV, the main 60,000-capacity Lluís Companys stadium may seem surprisingly small. So might the Olympic flame holder into which…

  • El Fossar de les Moreres square and monument

    El Fossar de les Moreres

    La Ribera

    Opposite the Basílica de Santa Maria del Mar's eastern flank, an eternal flame burns brightly over a steel arch and an apparently anonymous sunken square:…

  • L’Anella Olímpica

    L’Anella Olímpica


    The group of installations built for the main events of the 1992 Olympics includes the Piscines Bernat Picornell, where the swimming and diving events…

  • Torre Agbar by night.

    Torre Glòries


    Barcelona’s famously cucumber-shaped tower, Jean Nouvel’s luminous Torre Glòries (formerly Torre Agbar) is among the most daring additions to the skyline…

  • Homenatge a Picasso sculpture by Antoni Tàpies

    Homenatge a Picasso

    La Ribera

    A typically impenetrable 1983 piece by Antoni Tàpies, the surreal Homenatge a Picasso overlooks busy Passeig de Picasso, on the west side of the Park de…

  • Entrance to the Hash, Marihuana & Hemp Museum

    Hash, Marihuana & Hemp Museum

    La Rambla & Barri Gòtic

    One of the world's largest museums dedicated to all things cannabis-related opened to much fanfare in 2012. Set in the beautifully restored 16th-century…

  • House Comalat (Casa Comalat) is a modernist building in Barcelona, build by Salvador Valeri in 1911.

    Casa Comalat


    This striking twin-fronted building with vibrant tilework was created from 1909 to 1911 by Salvador Valeri (1873–1954). Note Gaudí's obvious influence on…

  • Facade of Vil·la Joana

    Vil·la Joana


    Opposite the main information office of the Parc Natural de Collserola lies the historic 19th-century villawhere Catalonia’s revered writer Jacint…

  • Front view of Parròquia de Sant Pacià

    Parròquia de Sant Pacià


    If you're on the trail of Gaudí, you may want to visit this little-known church in the district of Sant Andreu. The church was built between 1876 and 1881…

  • Barcelona, Spain - 28 September 2015 - Calvet House on the street Carrer de Casp.

    Casa Calvet


    Gaudí's most conventional contribution to L'Eixample is the 1901 Casa Calvet, built for textiles industrialist Pere Màrtir Calvet (it now houses a…

  • Inside the Parc de la Pegaso

    Parc de la Pegaso


    If you're looking for a bit of green in the northeast of the city, head to Parc de la Pegaso, a huge space filled with a variety of ponds, water features…

  • Entrance to the Museu de Cera

    Museu de Cera

    La Rambla & Barri Gòtic

    Inside this late-19th-century building you can wander about looking at Frankenstein, Che Guevara, Lady Diana and lots of Spanish figures you probably won…

  • Entrance to the Platja de l'Eixample

    Platja de l'Eixample


    In a hidden garden inside a typical Eixample block is an old water tower and an urban 'beach', the Platja de l'Eixample, also known as the Jardins de la…

  • View along Moll de la Fusta

    Moll de la Fusta


    Northeast from the harbour stretches the promenade Moll de la Fusta. The Pailebot de Santa Eulàlia, a fully functioning 1918 schooner restored by the…

  • Centre of Plaça de Catalunya

    Plaça de Catalunya


    At the intersection of the old city and L'Eixample, busy Plaça de Catalunya is the city's central transport hub, both for buses and trains, and a…

  • Pond at the Parc de l'Espanya Industrial

    Parc de l'Espanya Industrial


    With ponds, little waterfalls, green spaces, trees, a dragon-shaped children’s slide, bar, and towers that look like sci-fi prison-camp searchlight towers…

  • Dona i Ocell statue by Joan Miró

    Dona i Ocell


    Rising 22m from a reflecting pool, Joan Miró's phallic Dona i Ocell (Woman and Bird) sculpture was installed in the early 1980s in the Parc de Joan Miró…

  • Views of Jardins de Mossèn Cinto de Verdaguer

    Jardins de Mossèn Cinto de Verdaguer


    Just south of the Parc Montjuïc funicular/cable car station, these ornamental gardens are home to all kinds of aquatic plants and around 80,000 bulbs,…

  • Entrance to the Arxiu Fotogràfic de Barcelona

    Arxiu Fotogràfic de Barcelona

    La Ribera

    On the 2nd floor of the former Convent de Sant Agustí is the modest exhibition space of this photo archive, devoted to sharing photos of the city from the…

  • Close up of side view of Palau Centelles

    Palau Centelles

    La Rambla & Barri Gòtic

    A rare late-15th-century gem, the Palau Centelles is set round a fine Gothic-Renaissance courtyard adorned with later flourishes from the 18th and 19th…

  • Inside the Palau Robert

    Palau Robert


    The 1903-completed building that hosts Catalonia's regional tourist office also serves as an exhibition space, mostly for rotating Catalan-themed shows…

  • Inside the Jardins of Joan Brossa

    Jardins de Joan Brossa


    On the site of a former amusement park, just off Plaça de la Sardana, these charming landscaped gardens contain Mediterranean species from cypresses,…

  • Close up of Pailebot de Santa Eulàlia

    Pailebot de Santa Eulàlia


    This 1918 three-mast schooner, restored by the Museu Marítim, is moored along the palm-lined Moll de la Fusta promenade. You can see it perfectly well…

  • Back of Col·legi de les Teresianes

    Col·legi de les Teresianes


    Built in 1889 for the Order of St Teresa, this striking, fortress-like Gaudí creation has exposed-brick pillars and steep catenary arches, each of which…

  • View of the Mirador de Palau Nacional

    Mirador del Palau Nacional


    Even if you don't visit the Museu Nacional d'Art de Catalunya, you should at least admire the view from the plaza out the front. There's a terrace cafe,…

  • Outside of the Centre Cívic Can Deu

    Centre Cívic Can Deu


    Set in a handsome late-19th-century neo-Gothic mansion designed by Eduard Mercader i Sacancha, this cultural centre stages concerts, exhibitions and…

  • People admiring the view from the Jardins del Mirador

    Jardins del Mirador


    From these palm-studded sloping gardens opposite the Mirador cable car station, there are expansive views over the port of Barcelona.

  • Inside the courtyard of La Capella

    La Capella

    El Raval

    The Antic Hospital de la Santa Creu's 15th-century former chapel is now an exhibition space, with frequent temporary exhibitions.

  • Sculpture Homenaje a la Natacio by Alfredo Lenz on Placa del Mar, Barceloneta in Barcelona, Spain.

    Homenatge a la Natació


    Designed by Alfredo Lanz in 2004, this steel sculpture depicts various graceful if abstract poses of swimmers taking to the sea.

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