Must-see attractions in Ptuj

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    Ptuj Castle

    Ptuj Castle is an agglomeration of styles from the 14th to the 18th centuries, but it is nonetheless a majestic sight, sitting high on the hill…

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    Basilica of the Patroness Mary

    The pilgrimage Basilica of the Patroness Mary, in Ptujska Gora village 14km southwest of Ptuj, contains one of the most treasured objects in Slovenia: a…

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    Slovenski Trg

    Funnel-shaped Slovenski trg is the centre of old Ptuj. The 16th-century City Tower dominates the square's eastern side. Roman tombstones and sacrificial…

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    Prešernova Ulica

    Pedestrian Prešernova ulica was the town’s market in the Middle Ages. The arched spans above some of the narrow side streets support older buildings. The…

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    Dominican Monastery

    Carefully restored and newly reopened to the public, Ptuj's Dominican Monastery was first established in 1230, though much of its original medieval…

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    Orpheus Monument

    The 5m-tall Orpheus Monument stands in the middle of Slovenski trg. This Roman tombstone from the 2nd century, with scenes from the Orpheus myth, was used…

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    City Tower

    In the middle of Slovenski trg, this tower was erected in the 16th century. Roman tombstones and sacrificial altars from Poetovio were incorporated into…

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    Ljutomer House

    On the northern side of Slovenski trg, the Mediterranean-style Ljutomer House was built in 1565 and now houses the TIC.

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    Minorite Monastery

    This massive Minorite monastery, with its 17th-century plague pillar, was established in the 13th century. Because the Franciscan Minorites dedicated…

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    Church of St George

    On the east side of Slovenski trg, this church reveals an array of styles from Romanesque to neo-Gothic. The church contains some lovely late-14th-century…

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    Štatenberg Manor

    This vast 18th-century manor, built in baroque style, is 5km outside Makole (30km southwest from Ptuj). Guided tours around part of the palatial interior,…

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    Church of Sts Peter and Paul

    On the northern side of the Minorite monastery's inner courtyard, the Church of Sts Peter and Paul is one of the most beautiful examples of early Gothic…

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    Drava Tower

    About 150m west of the Minorite Monastery is circular Drava Tower, a Renaissance water tower built as a defence against the Turks in 1551. It houses the…

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    Little Castle

    This renovated yellow mansion was the erstwhile home of the Salzburg bishops and a number of aristocratic families over the centuries.

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    Mihelič Gallery

    This gallery, inside the Drava Tower, hosts temporary exhibitions of modern art.

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    Provost’s House

    On the northern side of Slovenski trg are several interesting buildings, including the 16th-century Provost’s House.

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    Ptuj City Gallery

    Ptuj's newly opened city gallery concentrates on contemporary art with a particular emphasis on local artists.

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    Old Town Hall

    Ptuj's baroque Old Town Hall is one of several interesting buildings on the northern side of Slovenski trg.

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    Late Gothic House

    The Late Gothic House, dating from about 1400, has an unusual projection held up by a Moor's head.