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$843.62 Cultural & Theme Tours

8-days Romania tour starting from Budapest

Day 1 | Budapest - Oradea Our first stop is in Oradea, where we will take a sightseeing tour of the city's most prominent attractions. At night, we will take a walking tour through the city center and its public gardens. Day 2 | Oradea – Turda Salt Mine – Cluj In the morning we will visit one of the most impressive salt mines in the world, the Turda Salt Mine, and then head to one of the best-preserved traditional villages in Transylvania, Rimetea. We will then head to Cluj, one of the most dynamic cities in Eastern Europe. In Cluj, we will take a city tour and visit landmarks such as the Saint Michael's Church, the Banffy Palace and the Mirror Street.Day 3 | Cluj – Bistrita – Voronet Painted Monastery – Gura Humorului The third day of your tour continues with a visit to Gherla, the only city in Romania built in a baroque style by Armenian colonists in the 18th century, and then to Bistrita. From Bistrița we will pass through the beautiful Carpathian Mountains in order to reach Bukovina, where we will visit the Voroneț Monastery. Day 4 | Gura Humorului – Sucevița Monastery – Piatra Neamț Our first landmark of the day is another UNESCO Painted Monasteries, Sucevița, the largest and most complete of them all.  After lunch, we will bid farewell to Bukovina, and we will stop at the Nicolae Popa Museum, a private collection of clothes and traditional objects from one of the richest area in Romania in terms of culture. Day 5 | Piatra Neamț – Bicaz – SighișoaraIn the morning we will leave the small city of Piatra Neamț and pass again through the Carpathian Mountains. Our next stop will be in Sighișoara, a city renowned for its medieval architecture, where you will find the last inhabited fortress in Europe, included today in the UNESCO patrimony. Day 6 | Sighișoara – Viscri – Bran Castle – Brașov In your 6th day in Romania, you will take a trip to Viscri, one of the last traditionally authentic villages in the country. Here, you will enjoy a relaxing carriage ride of the surroundings and you will find out a little bit of the local traditions while talking to some of the villagers. We will then visit Romania’s most popular tourist attraction, Dracula’s Castle, and then visit Brasov for a city tour. Day 7 | Brașov – Sinaia – Bucharest In your last day in Transylvania we will go to Sinaia for a tour of one of Europe’s most beautiful castles, Peleș Castle. After a tour of Peleș Castle, we will make our way to Romania’s capital city, Bucharest, for a city tour. Day 8 | Departure On the last day, you can choose to take a visit the areas surrounding Bucharest or take a trip to the medieval Bulgarian capital city, Veliko Tarnovo.

$80.67 Tours & Sightseeing

3-Hour Cultural Walking Tour of Oradea

Be picked up from your hotel by your guide as well as dropped back off at your hotel after your walking tour.See Oradea Fortress, an architectural monument in Romania and one of the few functional castles till now. They say that the city could not be conquered because of the vast underground network of links with the outside. The dike with water of the fortress was filled in case of siege with thermal water (through supplies) from Peta spring. Today, inside the fortress was founded the Department of Visual Arts, University of Oradea.The construction belongs to King Ladislau I (1077-1095) who decided to build a monastery in honor of Virgin Mary, a place called Varad - Chronicle painted in Vienna (Chronicon pictum Vindobonensae) the cradle of the future Catholic bishopric. Around the old fortress, of an irregular shape, slightly oval, the new fortress was built , of pentagonal shape, to protect the buildings inside and the settlements around.Other sights you will see on this 3-hour walking tour are Moskovits Miksa Palace (Stil secession, built 1911, architects: Vago brothers), Poynar House (Secession, built 1906-1907, architect: Sztarill Ferencz), Fuchsl Palace (built 1902-1903, architect: Balint Zoltan, Jambor Lajos), Adorjan House (Secession Style, built 1903, architect: Komor Marcell, Jakab Dezso), Apollo Palace (Secession, built 1912-1916, architect: Rimánoczy K.), The Moon Church (Baroque, built 1784-1832, architect: Iacob Eder), Rimanoczy Palac (Eclectic, built 1905, architect: Rimánoczy Kálmán Sr), The Bazaar Building (Eclectic, built 1900, architect: Rimánoczy Kálmán sr.), Levay Palace (Eclectic, built 1894, architect: Hanzlia) and Sztarill Palace (Secession, built 1902-1906, architect: Sztarill Ferencz).

$345.74 Day Trips & Excursions

Bridal Veil Falls Rachitele - 1 day tour from Oradea

We' ll pick you up from your hotel situated in Oradea or Baile Felix at 9 o'clock and then we'll go in direction of Bride's veil waterfall. with a minivan of 8 places.(up to 5 tourists)We shall reach there after 2 hours (around 120 km).Once there we can take pictures and then we shall follow a scenic road among Apuseni mountains nicknamed "The Apuseni Transfagarasan".At the end of this road we have the possibility to admire the Belis lake - an artificial lake with a dam situated in the middle of the mountains.Once there we can serve the lunch.Our way back lasts also around 2 hours. We shall leave you at your hotel from Oradea or Baile Felix.The tour includes :pick-up and drop off, tour guide in English and German and minivan transport (Opel or Mercedes)

$307.71 Private & Custom Tours

The Bear's Cave - One-Day Minivan Tour from Oradea

We pick you up from your Oradea hotel at 8-9 o'clock in the morning and we are going to Bears cave situated around 90 km away.Our trip lasts around 2 hours.Once there, we are visiting the cave ( around 45 minutes) with the guide which will translate from Romanian all the explanations.The admission ticket costs 20 Lei and is to be paid by every tourist. The cave was undisturbed until September 17 1983, when it was discovered during quarry works.The Bears Cave is 1 km in length. It is disposed on two-overlapped levels: one which is superior having 488 m in length, fitted out for tourist reasons and an interior one, temporarily active, having 521 m in length, being considered scientific reservation. We may visit also free of charge an ethnographic  museum situated 500 meters away from the Bear's cave. where various home made  tools and garments are exposed.  We may stop somewhere to eat and drink at your choice.The retour lasts other 2 hours. At evening we shall drop you off at your hotel.The tour includes :pick-up and drop off, tour guide in English and German and minivan transport (Opel or Mercedes)

$357.27 Private & Custom Tours

The Ponor fortress (the greatest Romanian cave) 1 day minivan tour from Oradea

We pick you up from your Oradea or Baile Felix hotel at 8 o'clock in the morning and we are going to Ponor Fortresses karst complex situated around 120 km away.Our trip lasts around 3 hours.Once there, we are visiting the cave ( around 4 Hours).These fortresses consist of three large circles of stone, which are 300 meters deep and more than 1 km large in diameter. The formation has 3 entrances and 4 balconies that stand on top of the Fortress. The cave has a 2 km long gallery crossed by a river, the largest underground river in the country.The access way starts with a forest road that leads to the first circle by passing a bump field which is parallel to Cetatilor Valley.A scree  mosaic leads to the second entrance through an arcade. This second entrance is a circular abyss that has an altitude of 200 meters.The third entrance can be reached by climbing the metal stairs that are located to the left of the portal.The cracks on these sinkholes' walls allow the natural light to enter and the effect is impressive.Then we shall reach the balconies situated on the top of the cave. where an impressive landscape offers us the possibility to take pictures, We may  stop somewhere to eat and drink at your choice.The retour lasts other 3 hours. At evening we shall drop you off at your hotel.The tour includes :pick-up and drop off, tour guide in English and German and minivan transport (Opel or Mercedes)

$501.33 Private & Custom Tours

1 Day minivan tour to Turda Salt Mine from Oradea

We pick you up from your Oradea or Baile Felix hotel at 8-9 o'clock in the morning and we are going to Salt Mine Turda situated around 190 km away. Our trip lasts around 4 hours. Once there, we are visiting the mine( around 3 hours) - When you visit, you'll head down about 400-feet before reaching the submerged wonderland. Once inside, you'll find an amphitheater, a bowling alley, an underground lake with paddle and row boats, and even a Ferris wheel. Salt extraction on the site's surface started in antiquity, but the work expanded underground during the Roman occupation of Dacia. The salt was extracted manually using pickaxes, hammers, chisels, and steel wedges, by free people who were paid in florins, ale, and loaves of bread. The mine was closed in 1932, but it was used again during World War II as a bomb shelter. After the war, the mine served several purposes, one of which was a warehouse for storing cheese. The admission ticket costs 30 Ron and is to be paid by every tourist. At the end of the visit you may drink or eat something at the kiosks situated in front of the mine. The retour lasts other 4 hours. At evening we shall drop you off at your hotel .