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Legends say that in 1842, a shepherd boy's festering ulcers were cured with a splash of Băile Tuşnad’s water. An industry took off only a few years later, bottling these salty, thermally warmed waters and using them to target ailments as wide-ranging as paleness, nerves, and rheumatic trouble. The quest for more health-giving springs continued into recent decades, with a 46°C well discovered 730m deep in 1978.

Beyond simmering in salty water, Băile Tuşnad has walking trails in the bracing, pine-scented air, and it’s a good base to visit St Anne’s Lake, 24km southeast by road.

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$79.34 Day Trips & Excursions

Best of Székely Land's Nature and Culture Full Day Trip from Brasov

Highlights • Private full day trip in the Hungarian inhabited region of Transylvania • Meet local craftsmen and see highlights • Experience the beauty of Balvanyos Resort and Saint Anne Lake • Bake your own kürtöskalács or go bear watching in the wild • Family friendly • Flexibility to customize your tour to your own preferencesThe first destination is Cernat village with its old mansions and traditional watermills. Here we visit one of the biggest open-air ethnographic museum of the region, the Haszmann Pal Museum, which displays a few thousand items from the 17th — 19th centuries. The museum hosts a wood carving and furniture painting crafts school where you can learn more about these old crafts of Székelyland.Our second stop is at a a still operating 200 years old watermill where you can observe the whole process of grinding wheat into flour in the traditional way. At the end of the tour you can buy some of the local delicacies (pastry, jams, pickles, etc) prepared by the locals or even extend the tour with a kürtöskalács baking workshop and bake your own cake.Next we visit Targu Secuiesc, also known as the City of Guilds. The traditions of the guild were preserved up until 1947, while the peculiar construction of the courtyards in the historical center still remind us to their important role in the city’s history. After a short walk in the center, we can stop by a local restaurant for lunch.From Targu Secuiesc we head to the Land of Volcanoes and explore unique natural attractions of Székelyland. In Balvanyos Resort you will find a wide variety of mineral water springs, baths and gas emanations. The inhabitants of the area have used these natural resources in curative purposes for hundreds of years. We hike up to the Sulphurous Cave, which is Europe’s largest  hydrogen sulfide mofetta emanating daily 3000‒6000 m3 gas, then on the forest trail we go down to the Apor Daughters Bath, where you will find various natural feet soaks and baths which are very fizzy, like a jacuzzi. Next we drive 10 km to Central Europe`s only volcanic lake, the enchanting Saint Anne Lake. Its charm for tourists has the roots in the legends surrounding this place, the beautiful landscape, the healing properties and into the fact that it is also a great place to get in touch with nature. After a walk on the shore of the lake, a guided tour in the special nature reserve Mohos Peat-Bog follows where you can admire unique plant rarities like carnivore plants. After exploring these attractions you can optionally go bear watching in the wild at dusk near Baile Tusnad, before your 1.5h ride back to your accommodation in Brasov.