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Apuseni Natural Park 6 Days from Cluj

ItineraryDay 1: Road and Accommodation Cluj to Pietroasa Stop At: Avram Iancu International Airport ClujUpon your arrival Your Curly Guide and your bus driver will wait for you at the airport (with a traditional welcome drink ) or they can pick you up from your hotel in Cluj-Napoca or Oradea. Duration: 30 minutesMeals included: • Dinner: At dinner we will organize a BBQ and a campfire where Curly Guide will inform you about the activities of the next days.Accommodation included: Our accommodation is located at a family-run guesthouse or pension in Pietroasa village. Day 2: Hiking The Yellow CanyonStop At: Galbena Gorges, Padis, Bihor County, Northwest Romania, TransylvaniaWe wake up at 7 o'clock in the morning, we will have breakfast, Around 8 o'clock we'll start hiking.This hike is a circuit which means it will start and end at the same point, Our hike starts from the Park Ranger’s Hut at the end of the camping place At some point, we will have to leave the main road and follow the trail to Balcoanele Ponorului. This section should take approximately 30 minutes of walking. After Balcoanele Ponorului, the path will intersect with the trail that leads to Galbenei Gorges and in about 1 hour, we should reach one of the local highlights, Avenul Borţig (Borţig Sinkhole). Being 54 meters deep, at the bottom, it houses Romania’s second largest glacial.We continue our hike for about 30 minutes more until an intersection, to the left we will have “5 minutes until Izbucul Galbenei (Galbenei Spring)”The spring represents the starting point of the gorges and we will have to go up and around it to reach the other side. With some resting time and plenty of pictures, we estimate the gorges should take about 2 hours.When we reach the Evantai Waterfall we will have only a few sections of cables to cross left and then the road will take us on a trail through the forest. After a sustained climb, we will reach Poiana Florilor from where the slope of the path goes back to a more normal angle and here we'll have lunch. After about 2 hours, we should reach another glacial, Focul Viu. From here we will return to the camping place at Glăvoi where good cold beer is waiting for us. :) From here we will take the minibus to our accommodation where we will serve a traditional Romanian meal!Duration: 9 hoursMeals included: • Breakfast • Lunch • DinnerAccommodation included: Our accommodation is located at a family-run guesthouse or pension in Pietroasa village.Day 3: CAVE DAY Stop At: Bears' Cave, Chiscau, Bihor County, Northwest Romania, TransylvaniaAfter the day of hiking we chose to visit 2 of the most beautiful caves in the country The Bears Cave and Meziad Cave , We will wake up to 9 am and after breakfast, we will head with the minibus to Chiscau village to visit the Bear cave, The cave has a length of 1500 m and is structured on two distinct levels (the Upper Gallery and the Lower Gallery). The cave shelters beautiful structures. What makes it famous is actually the remarkable paleontological deposit – the bones of Ursus Spealeus Duration: 45 minutesStop At: Meziad Cave, Meziad, Bihor County, Northwest Romania, TransylvaniaIs undoubtedly one of the most visited caves in Romania. It is a tourist objective both for speleologists and regular tourists.Is one of the oldest caving tourist objectives in Romania, having been added to the tourist circuit since the beginning of the twentieth century.For these 2 caves we do not need special equipment we will visit them in normal hiking clothes, the temperature in the cave is between 10 and 12 Celsius degrees! Duration: 1 hourMeals included: • BreakfastAccommodation included: Our accommodation is located in Pietroasa town at a family-run guesthouse or pensionDay 4: Hyking Day Cetatile PonoruluiStop At: Pension Cabana Cetatile PonoruluiToday we will hike to Cetatile Ponorului (Ponorului Fortresses) we will wake up at 9 am and after breakfast we will go for 5 hours round trip to the most impressive karst phenomena in Eastern Europe this is worth to visit not just for the 3 gorgeous sinkholes and the surrounding wild forest but also because here is one of the biodiversity hotspot of Apuseni Nature Park. In the Southern part, the route climbs on the steep slope of a torrential valley towards 4 viewpoints (two above Sinkhole III, and two above Sinkhole II) which allows the contemplation of the impressive karst system of The Fortress of Ponor, from high above.Cetăților valley ends at the bottom of a 100 m tall wall with a cave entrance of 70 m height. For this geological formation, it is easy to surprise any tripper with its breathtaking grandeur. Once arrived in Padis we will visit the Padis Visitor Centre of Apuseni Nature Park- a place where visitors will get information about caves and karst, flora and fauna of the area and the need for conservation of these natural features of the area. A self-guiding interpretive trail near the building gives visitors the opportunity to discover and better understand the karst formations in the area. The panels displayed on the route will complete the information about the area. Within the centre there is also a presentation room where multimedia projections or other presentations related to the Apuseni Nature Park are being held.We will return to our accommodation in Pietroasa and we will get a warm meal.Duration: 5 hoursMeals included: • Breakfast • Lunch • DinnerAccommodation included: Our accommodation is located at a family-run guesthouse or pension in Pietroasa village.Day 5: Ruginoasa Hole and Ice Cave ScarisoaraStop At: Groapa RuginoasaThis day is planned to be a relaxed one, and a lazy morning and a slow breakfast are just the perfect starts. Today we will travel to Vartop pass where we will take a short hike to Ruginoasa Hol When it comes down to the beauty of nature the "Rusty Pit" - Groapa Ruginoasa - is definitely worth visiting.Duration: 30 minutesStop At: Scarisoara Ice Cave, Garda de Sus, Alba County, Central Romania, TransylvaniaThe glacier entrance (1165m high) is made through an impressive sinkhole, with a diameter of 60m; descending 48 meters, on the bottom of a great abyss, we'll walk over a surface of 70,000 cubic meters of ice, 23 meters thick. Obviously, the glacier temperature is constantly below 0, so in the summertime, while descending, there might be a temperature difference of 25 degrees or even more.The most impressive ice structures are found in the second chamber of the cave - named "The Church", where the ice formations reach over three meters high, with diameters of 15-30 cm.For this cave we do not need special equipment we will visit in normal hiking clothes, Duration: 1 hourMeals included: • Breakfast • DinnerAccommodation included: Our last night of accommodation will be in Arieseni town we will have a free program in town.Day 6: Day of departureStop At: Avram Iancu International Airport ClujAfter all these days of adventure we'll have breakfast together, we will talk about the wonderful places we've been, about the next excursions which we plan and we will leave the Natural Park with a smile on our face and with a story that your future nephew wants to hear about it!Your Curly Guide and you Bus Driver will take you back to your accommodation or airport in Cluj Napoca or Oradea Duration: 7 hoursMeals included: • BreakfastNo accommodation included on this day.

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Apuseni Nature Park hiking & caving (5 days, from Cluj)

Day 1Departure from Cluj in the morning, heading for the mountains. In the middle of the Western Carpathians, the Apuseni Nature Park covers a surface of over 75,000 square metres. Characterized by a complex limestone relief, the area reveals not only stunning caves and ice-caves, but also very picturesque mountain villages. Lunch on the way, in a restaurant. Stop to visit Farcu and Meziad caves and arrive in Padis in the afternoon.Difficulty: very easyDinner and accommodation in a mountain chalet.(dinner included, breakfast and lunch not included)Day 2 & 3Two days of hiking in the very heart of the Padis limestone plateau, passing by or through some of the main trails and spots, like Cetatile Ponorului cave, Bortig pit cave, Cetatile Radesei cave. Difficulty: medium, with several difficult segments. 10-19 km/day, 9-10 hours/day.(2 days with breakfast, picnic lunch and dinner included)Day 4 & 5Breakfast and prepare to leave Padis, heading for Aries Valley. The luggage will be transferred to the next accommodation. Visit the biggest ice cave in Romania: Scarisoara. Dinner with the locals and accommodation in a rural guesthouse. Transfer back to Cluj in the afternoon, day 5. End of the tour.(day 4 - breakfast, picnic lunch and dinner included)(day 5 - breakfast and picnic lunch included, dinner not included)

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