Must-see attractions in Marquês de Pombal & Around

  • Casa-Museu Medeiros e Almeida

    Marquês de Pombal & Around

    Housed in a stunning early-19th-century mansion, this little-known museum presents António Medeiros e Almeida's exquisite fine- and decorative-arts…

  • Remaining beams of the silk factory

    Fundação Arpàd Szenes–Vieira da Silva

    Marquês de Pombal & Around

    Set in a former silk factory, this museum houses paintings by Portuguese artist Vieira da Silva and her husband Arpàd Szenes. Open spaces, wooden beams…

  • (GERMANY OUT) Blick ?ber den Parque do Eduardo VII. auf die Stadt- 2001 (Photo by Schlemmer/ullstein bild via Getty Images)

    Parque Eduardo VII

    Marquês de Pombal & Around

    An urban oasis with British roots, Parque Eduardo VII is named after his highness Edward VII, who visited Lisbon in 1903. The sloping parterre affords…

  • Mãe d’Água

    Marquês de Pombal & Around

    The king laid the Aqueduto das Águas Livres’ final stone at Mãe d’Água, the city’s massive 5500-cu-metre main reservoir. Completed in 1834, the reservoir…

  • Casa Museu Dr Anastácio Gonçalves

    Marquês de Pombal & Around

    This architecturally intriguing and rambling house/museum (built in 1905) contains a small but fascinating collection of 19th-century paintings by…

  • Praça das Amoreiras

    Marquês de Pombal & Around

    One of the best places to see the Águas Livres aqueduct is in the leafy Praça das Amoreiras.

  • Campo dos Mártires da Pátria

    Marquês de Pombal & Around

    Framed by elegant buildings, this grassy square is dotted with pine, weeping willow and jacaranda trees, with a pond for ducks and a pleasant indoor…

  • Estufas

    Marquês de Pombal & Around

    Tucked away in a pocket of Parque Eduardo VII, this trio of glasshouses nurtures tree ferns and camellias in the estufa fría (cool greenhouse), coffee and…

  • Jardim Amália Rodrigues

    Marquês de Pombal & Around

    This tiny pocket of pond-dotted greenery, named after the famous fadista (fado singer), is home to Fernando Botero's voluptuous bronze sculpture…