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Today Huanchaco is happy to dish up a long menu of accommodations and dining options, and great waves for budding surfers. Come summertime, legions of local and foreign tourists descend on its lapping shores, and this fast-growing resort town makes a great base for exploring the ruins surrounding Trujillo.

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$40 Cultural & Theme Tours

Trujillo: Temple of the Dragon, Chan Chan, and Huanchaco Tour

After hotel pickup in Trujillo, your tour starts at Huaco el Dragon, the Temple of the Dragon — also known as Huaco del Arco Iris, or Temple of the Rainbow — just a 10-minute drive from central Trujillo. Built for religious and ceremonial purposes by the Chimú people, who lived in northern Peru from about 900 AD to the 1400s, the adobe pyramid is known for its intricate frieze murals. With your guide, walk around the temple and learn a bit about the history of and theories behind the site — the temple features carvings of a dragon (hence its name), and it’s believed that the temple was used during rituals to honor the rainbow (hence its other name). Continue your tour to your next site, the former Chimú capital of Chan Chan. This UNESCO World Heritage site is the largest pre-Columbian city in South America and was the center of Chimú culture and politics from approximately 900 to 1470, when the Incan Empire arrived and conquered the city. Explore the 7-square-mile (18-sq-km) archeological site with your guide, touring its array of shrines, cemeteries, reservoirs and ceremonial plazas. Learn about its structure — made from adobe brick and mud — and marvel at its expansive, walled design. You’ll visit one of the main features, Nik-An Palace, a complex that features ceremonial courtyards and walls adorned with friezes. Next, head about 15 minutes to Huanchaco, a fishing village and beach town known for its caballitos de totora (little reed horses), small boats made out of reed that have been used by Peruvian fisherman for 3,000 years. While you admire their interesting design, hear about their history and modern-day use from your guide.Your tour ends with hotel drop-off in Trujillo.

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Trujillo, Huanchaco, Chan Chan and Temples: Private Day Tour

After hotel pickup, your full-day tour of Trujillo and its surrounding attractions starts with a private city sightseeing tour. Head to the Urquiaga-Calonge House, a colonial mansion now owned by the Central Reserve Bank of Peru, and then enjoy a panoramic driving tour to see city sights like Belem Church, Baanante House and the Central Market. While you drive, listen to commentary from your private guide about the city’s history and architecture. Next, visit the National University of Trujillo Museum of Archeology, Anthropology and History (Museo de Arqueología, Antropología e Historia de la Universidad Nacional de Trujillo). With your guide, tour the museum to discover its collection of jewelry, ceramics, mosaics and other artifacts from Peru’s pre-Hispanic cultures such as the Chimú and the Moche. Then return to your vehicle to continue your tour, passing by sights like San Lorenzo Church, El Carmen Church, Campana House, the Superior Court, La Merced Church and Plazuela El Recreo.When the sightseeing tour ends, head about 15 minutes south of town to the Temple of the Sun (Huaca del Sol) and Temple of the Moon (Huaca de la Luna), collectively known as the Temples of Moche (Huacas de Moche). Built out of adobe brick by the Moche, the civilization that inhabited northern Peru from the 1st to 8th centuries, the temples served as military, religious and ceremonial centers. Explore the site with your guide, enjoying views of both temples and learning about their history and significance. Admire the impressive frescoes that adorn the walls of the Temple of the Moon, and marvel at the size of the Temple of the Sun, which is the bigger of the two.Next, continue your day trip to Huanchaco, a fishing village and beach town known for its caballitos de totora (little reed horses), small boats made out of reed that have been used by fishermen in Peru for 3,000 years. Learn about their history and interesting design, and then have lunch at a local seafood restaurant. Lastly, head to your final stop of the day, Chan Chan, the ancient capital of the Chimú people, who inhabited northern Peru after the Moche. This World Heritage site is South America’s largest pre-Columbian city and was the center of Chimú life from approximately 900 to 1470, when it was conquered by the Incas. Tour the 7-square-mile (18-sq-km) archeological site with your guide, admiring its shrines, burial sites, reservoirs and plazas. Learn about its structure of adobe brick and mud, and visit the Nik-An Palace, a complex that features ceremonial courtyards and walls adorned with friezes. Your tour ends with hotel drop-off in Trujillo.

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Trujillo private tour

Im originally from Europe, but living in Trujillo for more then 5years so I can give you the best experience of visiting this beautiful city. We will spend together around 6-8hours visiting every interesting cultural and historical place.The tour is totaly private so you can do any change in the schedule as you want... for example if you would like to spend more time in Huanchaco - no problem...I studied history and languages so I can guide you in: english, french, spanish, czech, slovak, polish and little bit of russian. You can order the tour in 12hrs advance. It will be a great pleasure for me to be your guide!

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21 Day Highlights Peru

ItineraryDay 1: AIRPORT PICKUP – TRANSFER TO HOTELStop At: Jorge Chavez International AirportWelcome to Peru! Upon your arrival you will be met by a friendly, English-speaking local representative and together you’ll head to Miraflores in private transport. After check-in at your hotel, you’ll be free to relax and wander around this beautiful part of Lima at your own pace. Depending on the time of arrival, we’ll offer plenty of suggestions for you to make the most of your first day in Lima. Note: When possible, we recommend arriving between 10.00 AM and 04.00 PM so that you have time to wander a little and get an initial feel of our capital city (and maybe try some of its amazing cuisine)Duration: 7 hoursNo meals included on this day.Accommodation included: Accommodation in Casa Suyay or similarDay 2: LARCO MUSEUM – CITY CENTER – SANTO DOMINGO CONVENTStop At: Museo Larco, Lima, Lima RegionThis morning we pick you up from your hotel at 08.30 AM and depart on a tour that will take us back in time through the Colonial and Pre-Hispanic stages of Peruvian History. Our first stop we’ll be at the Larco Museum. The collection exhibited at Larco features the finest gold, silver and ceramics collection from Ancient Peru and offers the perfect introduction to Peru’s millenary history. After, we head to Lima’s City Center to have a look at its imposing architecture. Here we will visit the 16th Century Santo Domingo Convent and have a look at Lima’s main square. We should be returning to our hotel around 01.00 PM, just in time for some lunch!Duration: 7 hoursMeals included: • BreakfastAccommodation included: Accommodation in Casa Suyay or similarDay 3: FREE MORNING LIMA – FLIGHT TO AREQUIPAStop At: Historic Centre of Arequipa, Arequipa, Arequipa RegionToday, you´ll have the morning free to explore Miraflores and Barranco neighborhood on your own. After you’ll be transferred to the airport to take a 55 minute flight to the city of Arequipa. Upon arrival, you will be transferred to your hotel and check in at the reception. One of the main advantages of this beautiful city is that everything is really close to its colonial city center, which means you can easily explore its main sites at your own pace. You’ll receive some maps and information so you can make the most of your first day in Arequipa. We recommend having a traditional Arequipa-style meal in La Benita, Victoria or any of the many good options in the city center. Duration: 7 hoursMeals included: • BreakfastAccommodation included: Accommodation in La Casa de mi Abuela or similar (Superior rooms)Day 4: WALKING TOUR THROUGH COLONIAL AREQUIPA Stop At: Historic Centre of Arequipa, Arequipa, Arequipa RegionWe’ll start today by visiting “San Camilo”, Arequipa’s main Market, founded in 1881. It is here where most “Arequipeños” do their shopping at low cost. After this, we’ll continue to the city’s main square and the “Compañía” Church, famous for its rich baroque style and the colorful Cúpula of Saint Ignacio. Next, we’ll have a look at “El Tambo La Cabezona”, a 17th century apartment compound constructed in a classical colonial architectural style. Finally, we’ll walk to the Santa Catalina Monastery, a gorgeous 16th Century religious enclosure that was only opened to the public in 1970. This site is a city within a city and is probably the highlight of any visit to Arequipa. Our walking tour will last approximately 4 hours.Duration: 7 hoursMeals included: • BreakfastAccommodation included: Accommodation in La Casa de mi Abuela or similarDay 5: COLCA CANYON – YANQUEStop At: Colca Canyon, Arequipa RegionThis morning you’ll depart to Chivay in the Colca Canyon. The route is incredibly scenic, offering views of volcanoes and classic Andean landscapes. You’ll cross Salinas and Aguada Blanca National Park, where it is very common to see wild vicuñas, llamas, alpacas and sometimes even Andean flamingos. Then you’ll pass by the volcano viewpoint of Patapampa before descending into the Colca Valley and reaching our final destination, the village of Yanque. During the afternoon, you can relax for a while at the hotel and enjoy the surroundings. You can walk through the village and visit its picturesque plaza, its colonial church and a local museum where you’ll see a replica of Juanita the Mummy.Duration: 7 hoursMeals included: • BreakfastAccommodation included: Accommodation in Killawasi Lodge or similarDay 6: COLCA CANYON – CRUZ DEL CONDOR – OQOLLE’S AMPHITHEATER – UYU UYU RUINS – YANQUE’S HOT SPRINGSStop At: Mirador Cruz del Condor, Cabanaconde, Colca Canyon, Arequipa RegionToday starts with an early journey to the “Cruz del Condor” viewpoint, the spot to observe the Andean condors and the depth of the canyon. On bright sunny days, we can usually see up to 10 condors overflying the canyon, only a few meters away. If it’s rainy the condors might choose not to appear. Then we’ll make our way back to Yanque, stopping on route at some traditional Andean villages and viewpoints of the canyon. This afternoon, you can join a complimentary hike, offered by the hotel, to Oqolle’s Amphitheater (Pre-Inca terraces), the Sifon Bridge (where you’ll see the colcas) and the Uyu Uyu ruins. Before returning to the hotel, you can visit Yanque’s hot springs located on the banks of the Colca River.Duration: 7 hoursMeals included: • BreakfastAccommodation included: Accommodation in Killawasi Lodge or similarDay 7: LAKE TITICACA – VIEWPOINT AT LANGUNILLAS LAKE – PUNO Stop At: Lake Titicaca, Puno, Puno RegionToday, you can wake up late and enjoy stunning morning views of the canyon. Then, at the coordinated time, we begin our scenic 6-hour journey by land to Lake Titicaca. We’ll be crossing the heart of the Andeans high plains today. The views are great and a main highlight is the viewpoint at Lagunillas lake. Upon arriving to Puno in the afternoon we’ll check into our hotel.Duration: 7 hoursMeals included: • BreakfastAccommodation included: Accommodation in Intiqa Puno or similarDay 8: LAKE TITICACA’S COMMUNITIES – TAQUILE ISLAND – LUQUINA – UROS ISLANDS – PUNO Stop At: Taquile Island, Puno, Puno RegionAfter picking you up from your hotel at 7am, we’ll set sail to Taquile, a Mediterranean-like island where we’ll spend around three hours relaxing and exploring its beautiful surroundings. You’ll be able to observe how the traditions of Taquileans have been kept alive for centuries. Their colorful clothing as well as their unique knitted and woven textile handicrafts are also spectacular to see. After, we’ll board our boat to continue our journey to the village of Luquina where we’ll enjoy lunch at a nice restaurant overlooking the lake. In the afternoon, we continue to the floating reed islands of Uros, located just out of Puno Bay in Lake Titicaca. Upon arrival, we’ll spend some time at an Uros community. Finally, we return to Puno.Duration: 7 hoursMeals included: • Breakfast • LunchAccommodation included: Accommodation in Intiqa Puno or similarDay 9: PUNO – CUSCO Stop At: CuscoThis morning you’ll be picked up and transferred to board our tourist bus and set off on a beautiful journey departing the highlands of Puno and heading towards the city of Cusco. We’ll pass various Andean towns, herds of llamas, alpacas and vicuñas, all of it next to breathtaking views of snow capped mountains in the background. We shall also stop to visit different interesting attractions such as Pukara, La Raya, Racchi and the famous Andahuaylillas Church baptized as the “Sistine Chapel” of America. We’ll also stop en route to have a buffet lunch which includes Andean and international food. We’ll be arriving at Cusco at approximately 5:30pm. You’ll be transferred to your hotel located in the lovely San Blas neighborhood.Duration: 7 hoursMeals included: • Breakfast • LunchAccommodation included: Accommodation: Casa Andina Standard or similarDay 10: WALKING TOUR CUSCO – FREE AFTERNOONStop At: CuscoThis morning, you’ll go on a walking city tour which takes you not only through the most touristic sites in Cusco such as the Main Square, Cathedral and Koricancha or “Temple of the Sun”, but also along ancient streets, local markets and traditional neighborhoods where you’ll discover the magic of this beautiful city. The afternoon is free for you to wander around by yourselves. We’ll be more than happy to give you our best recommendations of restaurants, shops and additional activities in the city.Duration: 7 hoursMeals included: • BreakfastAccommodation included: Accommodation in Casa Andina Standard or similarDay 11: MORAY – MARAS – SACRED VALLEYStop At: Sacred Valley of the Incas, Cusco RegionToday you’ll visit some of the Sacred Valley’s most impressive sites. First, we reach Moray, one of the most unusual Inca sites consisting of circular terraces built upon a natural depression. Then we continue to Maras, an impressive salt-extraction complex consisting of thousands of small terraces. They collect the salt from the pans and they’ve been selling it at the markets of the region since before the Inca times. We then continue to our hotel in the Sacred Valley to have lunch. If time allows, we’ll stop at Chinchero, where we can visit a traditional textile workshop, appreciate the well-preserved Inca walls and visit the beautiful Colonial Temple with invaluable portraits, built over Inca Bases.Duration: 7 hoursMeals included: • Breakfast • LunchAccommodation included: Accommodation in Casona de Yucay or similarDay 12: OLLANTAYTAMBO FORTRESS – TRAIN RIDE TO AGUAS CALIENTES – MACHU PICCHU Stop At: Machu PicchuToday you’ll be exploring two of the most interesting Inca sites we know of. In the early morning, you’ll walk from the hotel to the Ollantaytambo archaeological site. Ollantaytambo is one of the best examples of Inca architecture we can see nowadays. This should take us roughly 1,5 hour. Around 10.00 or 11.00 AM, you’ll board the train to Aguas Calientes (Machu Picchu Town). Upon arrival to Aguas Calientes, you’ll take a 20-minutes bus up the steep, zigzagging road to Machu Picchu Citadel. Around 01.00 PM, you’ll go on a 2 to 3-hour guided excursion where you’ll explore just about every corner of the famous citadel. Machu Picchu closes at 5pm, time at which you’ll take the bus back to Aguas Calientes.Duration: 7 hoursMeals included: • Breakfast • Lunch: Box lunch providedAccommodation included: Accommodation in Casa Andina Standard Aguas Calientes or similarDay 13: TRAIN RIDE BACK TO CUSCO – FREE AFTERNOONStop At: CuscoThis morning, after a long but fun day in Machu Picchu, you can sleep in and have a late breakfast. When ready, we’ll take the train back to Ollantaytambo where our vehicle will be waiting to take us back to Cusco, the old Inca Capital. The journey to Cusco takes about 2 hours. Cusco is one of the most interesting cities in Peru and of South America. You’ll have most of today to explore the streets, plazas and markets of this UNESCO World Heritage City at our own pace.Duration: 7 hoursMeals included: • BreakfastAccommodation included: Accommodation in Casa Andina Standard or similarDay 14: FLIGHT TO TRUJILLO – TEMPLE OF THE MOONStop At: Huaca del Sol y la Luna, Trujillo, La Libertad RegionIn the morning you’ll catch a flight from Cusco to Lima and then connect with a flight to Trujillo. (Flights are not included). Upon arrival, you’ll be transferred to the hotel, where we brief you on your upcoming program. Depending on your arrival time, you may have a free morning to relax at the hotel. In the afternoon, you’ll explore the Temple of the Moon, a pre-Hispanic mud pyramid (100 – 750 A.D.) and famous for its stunning mural paintings. These murals depict the daily lives of the Moche people as well as their main deities. The Moches (or Mochicas) are one of the most intriguing pre-Hispanic civilizations of Peru, and it’s fascinating to compare how different they were to the Incas.Duration: 7 hoursMeals included: • BreakfastAccommodation included: Accommodation in Moche Sanctuary Lodge or similarDay 15: CHAN CHAN – PASO HORSE PRESENTATION – HUANCHACO Stop At: Chan Chan, Trujillo, La Libertad RegionToday, we’ll head to the largest mud-brick city of the Americas: Chan Chan. Once home to over 100,000 inhabitants, this place represents the resistance of the Chimu civilization to the expansion of the Inca Empire. Around 1 pm, you’ll witness a Peruvian Paso horse presentation and enjoy lunch. For centuries, these horses’ gentle pass has inspired dancers to perform beautiful movements in the romantic Marinera dance, a typical dance of Peruvian folklore. Afterwards, we’ll continue to Huanchaco, a traditional fishermen’s beach town, well-known for its totora reed boats called locally “Caballitos de Totora” (Totora Reed Horses). Lastly, on our way back, we can stop for a while to explore the small, historical city center of Trujillo.Duration: 7 hoursMeals included: • Breakfast • LunchAccommodation included: Accommodation in Moche Sanctuary Lodge or similarDay 16: EL BRUJO TEMPLE – TÚCUME Stop At: Tucume Pyramids, Tucume, Lambayeque RegionThis morning, we’ll set off for the pyramids of Tucume in the neighbouring region of Lambayeque. On route, we’ll also stop at the archaeological site “Huaca El Brujo”, an ancient mud stepped pyramid which rises 98 ft above the surrounding desert. El Brujo is famous for the discovery of The Lady of Cao (“Señora de Cao”), a mummified, tattooed young woman from the Moche Royalty who changed our modern perception of the role of women in pre-Hispanic societies. She is preserved and exhibited in the Cao Museum, which we’ll also visit. For lunch we’ll stop at the seaside town of Pacasmayo before continuing to our hotel in the tranquil village of Tucume, in the countryside of Lambayeque.Duration: 7 hoursMeals included: • Breakfast • Lunch • DinnerAccommodation included: Accommodation in Los Horcones or similarDay 17: TUCUME PYRAMIDS – TUMBAS REALES MUSEUM – NIGHT BUS TO CHACHAPOYASStop At: Tucume Pyramids, Tucume, Lambayeque RegionAfter breakfast, we’ll explore the archaeological site of Tucume, an imposing complex of the Lambayeque culture surrounded by arid desert and dry, tropical forest. This tour includes a hike up to a lookout for a breathtaking view of Tucume, as well as a visit to the small museum. Our next stop for the day will be the superb “Tumbas Reales” Museum, where we’ll learn more about the Lord of Sipan, the most important archaeological discovery in Latin America during the last 30 years. This museum is considered among the top museums in the country, and has been highly praised internationally as well. In the evening, we head to the local bus station to board our 10 hour night bus to Chachapoyas. We’ll reach our destination the next morning.Duration: 7 hoursMeals included: • Breakfast • Lunch • DinnerAccommodation included: Accommodation: VIP seats on the bus to ChachapoyasDay 18: CHACHAPOYAS CLOUD FOREST – HUANCAStop At: ChachapoyasUpon arrival at Chachapoyas in the early morning (around 6:00am), reception at the bus station and transfer to your hotel where you can rest, have breakfast and take a warm shower. Then, at the coordinated time, we’ll begin today’s activities with a nice drive to the town of Huancas, famous for its high-quality handcrafts. On route we’ll visit the canyon and viewpoint of the Sonche River. If possible, we’ll also visit a local ceramic workshop and even participate in the process of making some handcrafts. After the visit we’ll head to Luya Urco, the viewpoint of the city of Chachapoyas and from here we’ll descend into the city to visit the Santa Ana Museum and the Orchids Garden of the city.Duration: 7 hoursMeals included: • BreakfastAccommodation included: Accommodation in La Xalxa or similar (Including early check in)Day 19: GOCTA WATERFALLStop At: Gocta WaterfallThis morning, after a good breakfast, we’ll drive to the town of Cocachimba from where we’ll start our 2 to 3-hour hike (approximately 6 km) to the famous Gocta Waterfall, one of the highest on Earth (2530 feet in height). The trail crosses sugarcane fields and leads us to a misty cloud forest, home to the magnificent cock-of-the-rock. It’s a fantastic hike, and those brave enough may want to take a dip at the base pool of the waterfall when we finally get there (be warned – it’s cold!). Later, after soaking in the beauty of this magical place, we’ll hike back Cocachimba and drive back to Chachapoyas where you can enjoy a delicious local coffee. Duration: 7 hoursMeals included: • Breakfast • Lunch: Box lunch providedAccommodation included: Accommodation in La Xalca or similarDay 20: TINGO – CABLEWAY TO KUELAP FORTRESS – COCACHIMBAStop At: Kuelap, Tingo, Amazonas RegionToday, you’ll be picked up early and head to Tingo on an hour-long ride. Here you’ll board a cable car to visit the historical site of Kuelap, ancient fortress of the Chachapoyas people with massive walls 65 ft high still standing today. History tells us that it was inhabited by the Chachapoyas for 400 years until the Incas took over in 1470, followed by the Spanish in 1534. You’ll walk 25 minutes to the site, which sits above a mountain ridge at 9,500 ft. Nicknamed “Machu Picchu of the North”, Kuelap will amaze you with its towering walls and round stone houses surrounded by cloud forest. The site offers stunning views of the valley and the possibility for bird-watching. This will last approximately 2 hours, then we’ll head back to Cocachimba.Duration: 7 hoursMeals included: • Breakfast • LunchAccommodation included: Accommodation in La Xalca or similarDay 21: TRANSFER TO JAEN AIRPORTStop At: Jaen AirportThis morning, after seeing the best of Peru’s Northern treasures, we’ll head to Jaen Airport (about 4 hours away) to board our return flight to Lima and connect with your international flight home.Duration: 4 hoursMeals included: • BreakfastNo accommodation included on this day.

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Afternoon: half-day tour to Chan Chan Complex from Trujillo

Pick up from accommodation in Trujillo around 2pm . Then we will start our visit of the famous Huaca Arco Iris (Huaca Dragón) and the Huaca Esmeralda.Afterwards, we get an insight to the site of Chan Chan in the official museum and also visit the Nickán Palace, the palace enclosure we enter a labyrinthine series of courtyards lined with clay friezes of fish and ocean birds, and walled in places with an open meshwork adobe building style believed to represent fishing nets. We visit inner patios, residences, administrative buildings, temples, platforms and storehouses, and a huge reservoir where "sunken gardens" may have produced specialized crops for the Chimu nobility. We continue on to the nearby beach resort of Huanchaco, where we have a chance to try the superb seafood of Trujillo at a restaurant overlooking the Pacific Ocean. Here fishermen still paddle out to sea, kneeling on caballitos de totora -- little one-man reed rafts which have been used for millennia to collect the abundant bounty of the Pacific ocean.Return to the city of Trujillo at 18:00h

$7139.15 18-to-Thirtysomethings

The Great South American Journey–Quito to Rio Adventure

Sometimes the slow road is the way to go. Hit the road from Quito to Rio with other young travellers and experience pretty much everything you can imagine in between. Hike the Inca Trail and discover the thriving Inca culture, cross the Salt Flats of Bolivia, dance the tango in Buenos Aires, and hit the beach in Brazil. This trip offers up lively cities, stunning scenery, and tons of adventure. 65 days, seven countries, three nights in the Amazon, and one adventure you’ll remember forever.