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See America's National Parks celebrated with an amazing poster series

You may have seen the majestic beauty of America’s National Parks in person, but a new poster series lets you enjoy the unique style of each park through typography.

Hawaii Volcanoes National Park.
Hawaii Volcanoes National Park. Image by Scott Biersack

Type Hike is a design project that has brought together works from 60 designers and typographers, who have each created a unique type-design for a park they love, to celebrate the National Parks Service centennial. The project is led by James Louis Walker and David Rygiol, who told Lonely Planet they wanted to launch a large-scale project to unify a diverse group of designers and “focus their talent at a common good”.

Acadia National Park.
Acadia National Park. Image by Matt Plays

While the project is currently not officially affiliated with the NPS, they are actually donating 100% of the profits to the Centennial Campaign, and are “hoping to woo the parks service now that we have the full set of 60 designs complete”. They are both full-time independent graphic designers and illustrators, and say they believe that all designers are “obligated to use their unique ability to make the world a more beautiful place, and celebrating our country’s National Parks presented the perfect opportunity”. David told Lonely Planet that he grew up road-tripping around the western US and visiting parks. “Most of my favourite childhood memories are of enjoying our continent’s amazing natural wonders. One of the most spectacular places I’ve ever been is Death Valley, but my lifelong favourite has to be Yosemite”.

Joshua Tree National Park.
Joshua Tree National Park. Image by Chris Wright

The designers drew on each park’s unique history and beauty in order to create a custom type, and with 60 different designs, James and David feel it is impossible to pick a favourite, instead focusing on the collection’s strongest aspect: the diverse viewpoints and styles they represent. More of the posters can be viewed online, and postcards, prints and more are on sale. There are also several exhibitions planned over the next year. The first two will be poster shows displayed in two Poler stores in California and Oregon, but the organisers will be speaking at universities, design schools, and typography organisations about the exhibits, which will be all over the country during the next year.

Channel Islands National Park.
Channel Islands National Park. Image by David Carson
Virgin Islands National Park.
Virgin Islands National Park. Image by Jay Fletcher
Sequoia National Park.
Sequoia National Park. Image by Zachary Smith
Olympic National Park.
Olympic National Park. Image by Ryan Doggendorf
Zion National Park.
Zion National Park. Image by Jeremy Collins
Everglades National Park.
Everglades National Park. Image by Joshua Noom
Biscayne National Park.
Biscayne National Park. Image by Workhorse
Great Basin National Park.
Great Basin National Park. Image by Jeremy Teff